E3 2011 Microsoft Press Conference - I Just Pee'd Myself (StrengthGamer)

Written coverage of the Microsoft Press Conference from Updated constantly, with nearly every title that was announced.

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hoof1232744d ago

I thought its been good so far, then they announced the disneyland and sesame street games!

Though, combat in Mass Effect looks like it will benefit from voice commands, and it's awesome to see some more Ghost Recon, I'm eagerly awaiting that.

AnthonyAccinell2744d ago

Hahaha yeah, it's getting pathetic.

Dramscus2743d ago

it was like a lelun of last years microsoft conference minus the kinect hype.

Joni-Ice2743d ago

I dont see why the voice commands cant be used on PS3. Just say it in the mic.

badz1492743d ago

but so does the PS EYE. Nothing showed of the Kinect ME3 integration can't be done using PS EYE.

Bigpappy2743d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if PS3 version got 3D. It is what the systems are pushing that developers are working with.

zeal0us2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

b/c M$ got to have something "exclusive" after losing it to the ps3.

Me2 for the ps3 seem to perform better(note I never played it on the ps3 only seen it and read reviews)

M$ should of brought the rights to ME or at least gave it the attention deserve. M$ give more attention FPS. I'm getting tired of hearing the sony fanboys saying 360 only got fps while ps3 is more diverse. You know what I'm really start to believe it, wheres the exclusive?

fryday2743d ago

Afaik MS invested a lot of money in the voice feature in Kinect, it filters enviromental noises, it recognizes your voice (the ones who's signed in) etc. That's why it works

Joni-Ice2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

@ fryday....But for mass effect account voice recognition has nothing to do with it. Meaning when playing Mass Effect anybody can make those commands even if its not the person who the account belongs to so in theory the PS3 could use the headset and also has background noise cancellation feature

btk2743d ago

@ fryday
That is old tech. Heck this has been around for more than 10 years in various forms. Standard mikes with standard software and standard voice recognition. You can do it with a $5 microphone.

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AvidGamerrrr2744d ago

I hate that a report can be simple "Lame". Disagree with n4gboy and approve!

badz1492743d ago

I can't believe they actually managed to take the cake from last year's Skittle! Once upon a Monster did just THAT! extremely fake and extremely dumb!

Skynetone2743d ago

Everything ive seen at this years e3 has impressed me, every game looked amazing, and truly next gen

actually what didnt impress me was eas fifa manager reading straight of a teleprompter, it was actually pathetic, if you cant hype and promote your own game you shouldnt be on stage

GoldPS32743d ago

The disney and sesame street games were definitely lame but MS don't care. They going after the parents with little kids. It's really a smart move tho becuz kids should be playing those types of games. 7 year old kids shouldn't be playing shooters that's for sure.