Shacknews: Crysis Full Version Preview

Chris Remo of Shacknews gives his quick impressions after playing the first few hours of the highly anticipated PC shooter from Crytek.

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wasted4874d ago

at last a game that lives up to the hype,the demo is class, an absalute first class game, can't wait for the full fersion.

fermcr4874d ago

Yep... the demo is great :)

mighty_douche4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

i have just finished a build for a freiend with:

8800GTS 640mb
2gb 800mhz OCZ

and it struggles to play this game at high seetongs at 1950x1080 no AA.

lucky MY computer is quicker but this is just a warning for anyone who has a pc hand can play HL2 'ok', you have no chance with this.

[email protected] Antan, hello dude, since posting ive tried it at 1200x1000 (not sure on exact #) and it ran at high fine. also yeah that setup ive listed could be built for probably around £600 so yeah not to expensive and its capable of running CoD4 demo and UT3 beta all fully maxed out at the 1650x1080. see pc gaming doesnt have to cost the earth like many think.

on another not, i gotta say i didnt think 'that' much of crysis, on out and out gameplay UT3 takes it everytime!

Antan4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

Lower resolutions should see people ok, quite a low percentage of users with pretty large monitors to run at that resolution i`d say. The interview yesterday recommends quad core over any overclocking, and 4 gig will improve loading times. Im still suprised its not a system killer.

That rig Douche seems to be a good medium setup, which looking at the prices of components, is a pretty cheap setup!

EDIT_: Douche

I could probably build for 500 for those components! but yes, it doesn`t have to cost the earth!!! I pay the earth coz im in a good financial position. Overall im impressed with the game. Can`t wait to play on Very High settings.

ShiftyLookingCow4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

on my rig(other than 8800GTX everything else is more or less junk), my sweet spot(aka compromise) is DX10 all very high settings at 1024x640 and 4xAA(yeah I know thats some horrible res, but for me all the lighting and effects with smooth framerate looks better than higher res with crappy framerate, at least on a 20inch monitor). Runs constant around 30fps.

on XP, its playable with all high and 1280x800.

"on another not, i gotta say i didnt think 'that' much of crysis, on out and out gameplay UT3 takes it everytime!"
I got to disagree, I already played the demo about 5 times(not counting benchmarks) and it never got boring, nanosuit makes for some badass gameplay. UT3 is old school, if I had to choose I did rather go for Crysis.

coming Jan I will be getting Q9450(and oc it) and 4GB DDR2(3 is still way too expensive for 4gb), hopefully by then nvidia will release better drivers too. Far Cry 2 should be a blast too.

radzy4874d ago

dont want to offend anyone , but i was so hyped for this game but found it was almost exactly like farcry. actually a bit more boring because i cant really understand korean language.

believe me , it is farcry with a twist and with better graphics.
p.s. graphics wares off about 10 minutes of gameplay.
dont waste your money updating your pc , try it on your friends pc first. thats what i did and i am relieved that i did.

zonetrooper54874d ago

Just downloading the demo now at around 944kb/sec which is good. Nearly at 90% done. Just hope it will run alright on my PC.

My PC Specs:

Intel Pent 4 processor 3.06GHz
1.5GB Ram
Geforce 7950GT OC 512mb DirectX9
160GB hard drive.

Would be good if I could buy a new PC but I can't.