On Sale Next Week in North America

Another massive list of releases, and once again all the games that matter have been bolded so you dont miss them. We have Guitar Hero III, Manhunt 2, Battalion Wars 2, Hellgate: London, Virtua Fighter 5, Dementium: The Ward and the list goes on and on.

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games4fun4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

something not to start a flame war but knowing this site it will, timeshift is coming out for xbox now but the ps3 version is coming in December, kinda sucks i thought the game didn't look that bad, it was ok graphics generic shooter but then the control of time ability makes seem like fun.

guess ill have to wait a bit, only good thing is that it means they can focus on the ps3 version.

mesh14874d ago

yeah they can focus to make me as good as the 360 version not better =)

solar4874d ago

try looking at it this way, they can play the 360 version first. read the forums, reviews, gamer's opinions and you can save yourself a bad purchase for your ps3 if they game ends up being total ass :D

lawman11084874d ago

360 owners finished that one almost 2 months ago by now also.

nupes984874d ago

I am excited about the Naruto 360 game. Ithink it may be a surprise hit.

Rooftrellen4874d ago

GH3, Battalion Wars 2, and Simpsons for me...oh, I think my wallet just punched me for saying that.

Megaton4874d ago

Already pre-ordered Manhunt 2 for PS2 =)

macalatus4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

Yeah...I'll be getting the manhunt for my ps2 too. I'm hoping that Rockstar didn't cut out too much stuff just for the sake of making it conform to public sensibilities. It looks sick!!

edit @ smturner below me,

Wait 'till you see the Wii version of the game. ;-)

smturner684874d ago

The first Manhunt was the only game I've ever thought was just too damned grusome. I just didn't like that. You'd think I'd like a game called Manhunt. I'm thinking Timeshift is the only one I'll get for this week, but I'm definately putting it on hold. I'm looking at the floor here, and I have 15 games sitting there that I haven't even taken downstairs to put with the rest of the games, let alone opened them yet. That ToysRus sale helped catch up the backlog of games I wanted to get, get some new releases and put me behind in games even further. I am too into Orange Box right now. If you don't have that, you don't need ANY of the games coming out next week.

Megaton4874d ago

@ macalatus - Yeah I hope it's not cut too much. Should still be a pretty decent game though. I hear it's still plenty more gruesome than the first one, even with all the censoring done to grant it the M rating.

@ smturner68 - It's definitely not for everyone =P. I have the same game dilemma as you. Piled up games from eBay that I haven't even cracked open yet, but I'm still psyched about Manhunt 2.

lawman11084874d ago

Have you seen the trailer for that game? it looks like it should be on the psp

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cooke154874d ago

battalion wars, manhunt 2 (wii) dementium and timeshift for me

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The story is too old to be commented.