Ryse trailer

Check out a brand new trailer for Ryse.

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SilentNegotiator2695d ago

So Crytech's big 360 exclusive is an on-rail Kinect game?

Sunhammer2695d ago

You guys have to understand that Kinect can only handle a FPS if it's on rails. Something like, say, Crysis 2 or Killzone 3, would be too hardcore.

But nevertheless, I was actually looking forward to this. Crytek has finally disappointed me.

king dong2695d ago

indeed, what a disappointment.

juggulator2695d ago

Apparently this is the confirmed title of Codename:Kingdoms.

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TheBlackSmoke2695d ago

"Buh Buh codename kingdoms will show you all"

jahcure2695d ago

imma buy this game and headbutt everyone for the kill. I BET YOU that's a 200 point achievement right there. LOL

What you lookin at *headbutt*

Andreas-Sword2695d ago

Game looks good.
day 1 buy!

MostJadedGamer2695d ago

So sad that something that looks so awesome, historic, gritty, and realistic ends with the revelation that it is a on-rail Kinect game.

Tachyon_Nova2694d ago

How do you know it is on rails from that trailer?

lelo2play2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Most people were complaining that Kinect had no Hardcore titles... now one (or more) come along and they still complain... who the hell understands these guys.

Tachyon_Nova2694d ago

How do you know it is on rails?

MostJadedGamer2694d ago

I don't know. I was just going off what everybody else said. I guess I shouldn't believe everything I hear.

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Lou-Cipher2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Well, we all thought this was a game for Core gamers, but it has just turned into another Casual on rails Kinect Title. :(

Im really bummed out about this, and dont even get me started on the On rails Fable game they just announced, or that broken down mess that is StarWars Kinect. That almost turned me into a Trekkie, and I hate Star Trek.

It's official, they truly are abandoning their Hardcore.

Rainstorm812695d ago

The star wars demo was truely painful to watch.....

Im such a huge star wars fan and i was hoping this game could convince me to get a Kinect for my 360 but it has done the complete opposite. MS has gone casual...

Its Sony's and Nintendo's show to lose.

002695d ago

blah I as expecting more.

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sickbird2695d ago

womp womp womp...

MS is ruining all these good ideas by forcing Kinect on them.

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The story is too old to be commented.