Mass Effect 3 Kinect Voice Support Detailed

It was announced moments ago during Microsoft's E3 2011 Press Conference that Mass Effect 3 will include Kinect voice support. Voice support will allow players to say their voice command via the dialogue wheel, which Shepard will then say in the game. You can also control your squad via voice support, tell them where to go, and tell them which moves to use. We'll have more details to follow soon during our extensive E3 coverage, so be sure to stay tuned.

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IAML36I0N2744d ago

Just announced on Spike the games coming 3-6-12.

Skip_Bayless2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Even though it's a simple implementation, I like the feature. At this point anything that isn't just shooting and canned animations, I will welcome.

MasterCornholio2744d ago

What i am wondering is if they can do it with the PS3s bluetooth head set as well. Because i dont see a reason why voice commands should be just for Kinect.

dragonyght2744d ago

socom 2 on the ps2 had voice command its nothing new really and im not to sure about it i mean in a frantic big firefight i dont think you will able to keep up with action keep saying lara do this garrus do that its gonna get old fast it will slow down the action thank god its optional

Tony P2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

"What i am wondering is if they can do it with the PS3s bluetooth head set as well."

I think so since there is absolutely no reason to restrict it to one version of the game.

I suspect also that's why ME3 doesn't utilize Kinect's exclusive features. Because that would create great disparity amongst the game's different versions.

Mike134nl2744d ago

If the voice support is only for Microsoft it probably is because they are using Microsft voice recognition software (kinect uses a "multi-array microphone running on proprietary software")

But either way as far as I know nobody said the ps3 or pc version won't support the use of a microphone.

beastgamer2744d ago

its sounds like a good feature, but i believe it will fail. Why is it kinect?
This is something easy to but on ps3 and pc with a mic integration

whoatemycuponoodles2744d ago

so what your saying is that because its using kinect voice recognition its gonna fail. retard

beastgamer2744d ago

no, since it kinect exclusive.
Kinect was for motion, no controller. This is just using your voice, something you can do with a mic! Think retard

tplarkin72744d ago never has enough bandwidth. That site always lags.

whoatemycuponoodles2743d ago

@beastgamer no really think about it you're playing a single player rpg game with a headset now thats stupid.