Rant: Why Street Fighter The Movie Sucks

Last night Loot-Ninja was watching TV and came across a movie they have not seen in well over a decade, Street Fighter. Watching this again through the eyes of a grown man, they realized how inherently bad this flick was. They understand the movie was supposed to be campy and include the likes of the video game characters. Fine. Yet there are some absurd liberties the writers of the movie take. They have decided to write a little tidbit about each character and some of the lines they say or things that just happen for no reason.

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IdontTakeSides4869d ago

okay...uhhh...BLAH..jaja...of course the movie would have sucked I mean it was only done bcuz of the popularity of the games...dats why we watched the cartoon series on Satudays instead..!!!

taz80804869d ago

All I can say is that Raul Julia as Bison was horrible, it was like making Urkel into the Hulk?!

Blitzed4869d ago

Bruce Banner was like Urkel.

nice_cuppa4869d ago

they forced named actors that dont fit.
the charecters didn't look or fight right.
they made it cheesy and acted it badly.

to make a good street fighter movie just re-make the manga (STREET FIGHTER 2 ; THE ANIMATED MOVIE) with the best actors capable of looking and performing right.

Trebius4869d ago

Some games just aren't meant to be live action movies...hopefully they dont make this mistake with Dragon Ball Z.

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The story is too old to be commented.