More details on Halo 3 DLC

A few weeks ago Bungie teased of upcoming Halo 3 downloadable content, and in the newest Bungie Weekly Update more information is revealed on what the upcoming maps will be like.

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jaja14344872d ago

Actually thats a surprising amount of information. I was expecting some skimpy "here is 1 map" kind of things. Nice to know they are working on the bugs/melee thing. Though the ranking system is kind of a let down,but I can see why they are doing it the way they are.

otherZinc4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

This would be great, it wouldn't mess-up the story if you do it my way.

Make some existing maps larger. The map at the beach: make it go all the way around that mountain. Just make it go on & on.

Do the same with the highway map or the jungle map.

Co-op forever. I'm doing a great job with that & the skulls ("pull the pin" is the only one you need: that is for now), thats a fantastic option.

I've beaten HALO 3 about 7 times now and many more to come: I love this game.

Alcohog4872d ago

New to videogames, huh?

Game Crazy4872d ago

How much they will charge for DLC? I'm going to buy it anyways just curious. No matter how many maps or new game modes they come up with I know one thing is for sure. I will always suck at Halo 3. The funny thing is I have never had so much fun sucking at a game in my life. I usually start off the match by apologizing to my teammates ahead of time. If I do really bad I dont even stick around in the lobby afterwards. No need to further embarass myself :p

wageslave4871d ago

eheeh, thats me too. But, that is one of the beauties of the TruSkill ranking.

Microsoft Reasearch devised a sophisticated method to make sure you're not put into matches against MLG players or 13-year-olds with super-reflexes.

P4KY B4872d ago

A few years?
Could that be a hint towards Halo 4's release date?

JasonXE4872d ago

quite a large assumpation

waldopepper4872d ago

No, I think it's just to re-enforce that they will keep downloadable content coming as long as the game is being played online by gamers - just as Halo2 still gets some despite being a few years old now.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

That line is great, I think they should be aloud to shut down the 360's as the cheaters are playing and force them to watch Uwe Boll movies.

Thats a nice map pack (so far) don't charge to much please, don't go all EA, Oblivion and Chromehounds on us.

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The story is too old to be commented.