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-Mezzo-2691d ago

Color, me Excited, Kinect support is cool and all but not for me. I am Pre-Ordering this game.

Hagaf222691d ago

The weapons customization looked awesome, but I still think kinect is just another way to look like an idiot in your living room.

This game has huge potential, hope they do it justice. Its going to have alot of competition this fall.

Peppino72691d ago

Looks cool. Still wanna see what it looks like during the game!!!!!!!

Dart892691d ago

I doubt you could look even more stupid than this:D.

WetN00dle692691d ago this 360 exclusive???

Afirmitive2691d ago

Nope, it's confirmed for PS3 as well. Just because it's using Kinect doesn't mean it's an Xbox exclusive.

WetN00dle692691d ago

Ahh okay cool man thanks for the heads up.

Afirmitive2691d ago

Looks amazing! I love over the shoulder thanks to kinect tho.

Spitfire_Riggz2691d ago

That looks pretty good, ill be using a regular controller though

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