John Woo Presents: Stranglehold - Gameplay Video

Here's an amazing video of "John Woo Presents: Stranglehold".

The video was recently shown at the Leipzig Games Convention on an Xbox 360 and show's off the John Woo inspired gameplay.

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CAPS LOCK5872d ago

does it come on ps3 at q4 2007 aswell?

General5872d ago (Edited 5872d ago )

From what I have saw its aiming for Q1-2 2007.

Bill Nye5872d ago

Great idea; terrible execution.

JPomper5872d ago

How can you say that? It looks like it was done very well to me. Also, they announced multiplayer for this game, which makes it 10x cooler.

Well done! I'll be preordering this game ASAP

Bill Nye5871d ago

The destruction, graphics and moves all look cool but what really irks me are the links between animations. It's just not smooth and looks terribly awkward. For example the part where he's running up a banister then jumps off a wall 8 feet away... also just about every diving jump where he slides on the ground.

I really like the destructive aspect though. That looks sweet.

TheMART5872d ago

Whow whow whow this looks good! I am ready for the showdown between XBOX 360 and PS3 compare head on. These games are produced simultanously and should give a fair comparing.

Other then games that already came out on 360 and are now taken more time for other systems. Like FNR3. Ofcourse they can add stuff if they have the time.

Now gimme this game with the systems running beside each other! It looks great on this video that's for sure

willud4skins5872d ago

i originally thought this game would be sweet, but it just looks like max payne with better graphics and animations. we will see