Rock Band: The Complete Licensed Track List

IGN writes: "Rock Band is arriving in stores on November 20. Along with a guitar, mic, and drum kit, the $169.99 package includes 58 songs (45 licensed tracks, and 13 more that are unlockable)".

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LittleMagnet4918d ago

Great number of masters compared to covers, and awesome selections! Master tracks of Won't Get Fooled Again, Don't Fear The Reaper and Foreplay/Long Time will be so great to play.

All the good vastly outweighs any bad.

MACHone4918d ago

I was scanning the track list and wasn't very happy with most of the older tracks, but my God, when I got to the 2000s and my eyes laid to rest on 'Welcome Home' by Coheed and Cambria, I nearly fell out of my seat! I TOTALLY suggested that song back when they were taking suggestions on their website and I am absolutely THRILLED to see that song in there! (I also suggested 'Deadbolt' by Thrice, which if anyone else has heard, they know why it would be awesome to play in a Rock Band/Guitar Hero game!)

jaja14344918d ago

Mic-HELL NO. I really have no desire to hear any of my friends sing. :)

Know what would be cool though? A Xylophone!

MunicipalBlack4918d ago

When I look at the songs that are going to be available there are maybe 6 that I don't know and every other song I love. Then there's all the downloadable content that'll be offered as well. RB is gonna rock!

ScentlessApprentice74918d ago

There are Definately some great bands in there like The Ramones and RHCP that make the lineup worthwhile, but they could have included tracks from some more definite 90's groups like Pearl Jam and Social Distortion. Of course instead they got to put in crappy bubble-gum pop rock like Fallout Boy (they stole that from The Simpsons BTW).

In Bloom is a great Nirvana track (great track to try and play to and rock out to when you're drunk or something) I personally hoped that another great Nirvana track like "Aneurysm" or "Return of the Rat" would have made it in there.

eclipsegryph4918d ago

Someone stole Fallout Boy from "The Simpsons"? I'm afraid I don't get the reference.

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The story is too old to be commented.