E3 2011: New NXE Announced for Xbox 360

DP: New Xbox Experience announced. Watch, play games, chat, and experience your Xbox 360 with Kinect.

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Jestrella242875d ago

lets see how this is gonna work im hoping for no lag at all

FanOfGaming2875d ago

Looks interesting, but idk how many people will actually sit down and use the new features like YouTube and Bing

user8586212875d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I use youtube on my ps3 to watch lets plays and walkthroughs on my tv, so this is win for me

Stryfeno22874d ago

I will ive been waiting for this MS should get Ustream.

user8586212874d ago

agreed either ustream or jtv, that would be freaking awesome!

mcstorm2874d ago

I like what MS are doing the 360 dash, windows 8 and windows phone 7 all look and act the same which is a good move by ms imo.