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Shaman2691d ago

Tomb Raider actually looks very impressive!

DoomeDx2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )


God i cant help but feel embarrest when people can hear me play this game.

It looks good though, but people will think im playing a porn game

nickjkl2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

cant stop laughing

those orgasms

@tiger my moms in the other room too oh man

im gonna go ask what she thinks im watching

tigertron2691d ago

I was worried that those in my house would think I was watching some sort of porno. :P

Anyway, it was a good demo, very different to the classic Tomb Raider.

SilentNegotiator2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Another strong female character done justice this gen.

Yeah, yeah, it's supposed to be her younger. Whatever.

captain-obvious2691d ago

i think its fair to say it now tomb raider ripping off uncharted

heck the first thing you think about when you see that pic where she is heart and talking
is uncharted train level

Peppino72691d ago

This actually justified the incredible trailer put up on the web the other day. Really really cool demo. Hopefully they keep it close to what was shown.

Commander_TK2691d ago

Loved the demo! Lara Croft is looks so much better now.

StbI9902691d ago

LOL at people disagreeing with captain obvious...

Because tomb raider was like this to begin with?..this is obviously a freaking paste from uncharted 2 game mechanics although a litle bit more cinematics and stuff going on (in that cave thoough), fair to bet uncharted 3 won this.

nix2691d ago

such a cry baby this lara is. i felt like slapping her.

Skip_Bayless2691d ago

It looks like a good rental. I'm really tired of all games ripping off Uncharted 2. And i'm tired of the stupid Modern Warfare 1 ripoff animations. In Uncharted 2 when the ground is braking down, you can still move your character. That's the difference between a canned animation and this laziness we see in these games.

Marceles2691d ago

It almost looked like Tomb Raider ported to the Resident Evil 4 and 5 engine, not that it's a bad thing...just a comparison. It looked pretty good though

Scrooge2691d ago

Just curious... how many games do you feel have ripped off Uncharted 2? After all, the game was released not too long ago in late 2009.

starchild2691d ago

People saying Tomb Raider is ripping off Uncharted 2 would maybe have a point if it really looked like Uncharted 2, but it doesn't. It looks very different.

Moreover, it's kind of stupid to talk about Tomb Raider ripping Uncharted off when in fact Uncharted borrowed so much from Tomb Raider from the very beginning.

In any case, this new Tomb Raider looks incredible. The focus on survival and natural environmental puzzles looks like a lot of fun to me. Graphically, too, it stands toe to toe with any game out there. I personally think it looks better than Uncharted 2 graphically. I just wonder if it will turn out to be as good as the masterpiece that was Uncharted 2. It looks promising, though.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2691d ago

Rofl, those sounds were just wrong. xD

The game looks great so far.

Electroshocked2691d ago

Absolutely Incredible, I was hyped about this game and I still am, I new that this game wouldn't disappoint.

MaxXAttaxX2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Devs have stated this.

Naughty Dog, on the other hand, stated that novels like Doc Savage were behind the inspiration for Uncharted.

Has no one here heard of the "lost world" genre???
It's what inspired Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones in the first place. Neither of which invented the genre.

TR and UC are two of a kind :)

P.S. This was the best game at Xbox 360's conference lol :P

badz1492691d ago

when they changed it THIS far, it feels wrong! seriously, she sounds like a bitch! forgive the language

Tank_Commander_E62691d ago

the graphics look...umm..kind of....not good(water affects). anyone have a link for HD version?

MWH2691d ago

@wesley-dw you're absolutely right. the game reminded me of Resident Evil 4-5 though. anyway, before seeing the action gameplay it's still early to judge.

Dude_2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

What this game devs 'said' was a notion of Uncharted atmosphere. There were no 'Uncharted elements'. They 've also stated this reboot will have Portal inspired puzzles, Descent/Hills have Eyes inspired story.

This is an intro demo. The game opens up after you get out to the island where you have non linear gameplay.

TR influenced more or less every single action adventure from Sands of time to Uncharted to even God of War and Assasin's Creed. Saying that you can come up with exactly the same Indy like plot, treasure hunting protagonist jumping between ledges and shooting bad guys in between with basically watered down puzzles and platforming when Tr has been doing it since 1996 is really silly. It's like denying Doom's influence on fps. You have to live on Mars or something to come up with something that generic when there was an over 8 million selling game with several sequels ten years before.

Anyway though, no game existed in a vacuum. i don't really see any problems, it's like people don't want freaking videogames to learn from each other.

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Thrillhouse2691d ago

Too many quick time events for my liking. I'm looking forward to seeing some different combat, though.

morkendo232691d ago

Tomb Raider sounded corny UHH,AHHH,EEEEH,UHHHH,AHHH damn. was she falling or letting a LOAD OUT lol

RedPawn2691d ago

I like how they used the gameplay mechanic, of going through tight narrow crevices, where the camera zooms in and the character inches through.

Baba19062691d ago

amazing cant believe how awesome it looks......... yay =D

zeddy2691d ago

you better turn down the volume when playing this game or your mom will thik your're in to violent porn.

princejb1342691d ago

i really like the character animation seems so life like=]

Simon_Brezhnev2691d ago

chloe with no ass lol. it does look fun though.

frostypants2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Some nitpicks and good things:
-The fire effects are nice
-The water effects are also really good
-The environmental textures are deceptively bad
-The segway from cutscene-to-gameplay is very good...they took a good page from Uncharted there
-Why is the color palette so bland, even outdoors? I wish this trend would die already
-Why is the fire "painted" on the ceiling when the torch gets close to it? That was odd.
-The "oh no, the torch got wet, time to find the next fire source" thing seems like it could get real old
-The use of scripted events is pretty good

NewZealander2691d ago

wow, tomb raider is back! watch out naughty dog, this looks hot!


I agree, looking forward to this and I don't even like TR!

Jdub895O2691d ago

i thought lara croft was a badass?

Ares842690d ago

She is, but this is her beginning. The time when she wasn't the bad ass tomb raider we know.

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peedie162691d ago

her voice is fucking annoying

R6ex2690d ago

I'm comin, baby. lol

-Mezzo-2691d ago

This looks great, I'm actually interest in a Tomb Raider again, which i though would never happen again.

Nate-Dog2691d ago

Thought it was quite meh myself, looked like more QTE's than anything else.

grailly2691d ago

my guess is that not the whole game is like that, the puzzle parts will be a bit though. I think this sequence is supposed to be more cinematic, like when you visit the submarine in uncharted. I'm looking forward to seeing "real" gameplay

Nate-Dog2691d ago

Yeah I hope you're right. I don't expect the whole game is like that but the fact they wanted to show that off just makes me worry.