Ceramic White PS3 up close and personal (screens)

Here is an up close and personal look at the new 40GB PlayStation 3 in ceramic white. The model is scheduled for a November 11th release in Japan. There are also pictures included that show side by side comparisons of the new 40GB model and the currently available black 60GB PS3 model. Pictures after the jump.

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IdontTakeSides4875d ago

Sweet...but I like my shiny black beast..!!!

Violater4875d ago

Why does the white on have to be on top of the black one??
I tell you cant catch a break.

Anyway I have my ceramic white DS3 on pre-order hmmmmmmmmm rumble

ruibing4875d ago

Same here, but this does blend in with some of the more contemporary styled homes better. The matted surface is much more resilient against smudges and scratches but it doesn't have that chrome finished look anymore. It also requires less power to run, which explains the decrease in vents.

They should also produce some limited edition GT5, FFXIII, and MGS4 ones when those games come out. I know quite a lot of people who would love to have one of those bundled with the game.

lawman11084874d ago

Trick people into thinking the white PS3 is really a 360 so people will buy it? ahahhahahahahaha

Quickstrike4874d ago

the PS3 was 1st shown as a white system. It was a matter of time b4 they would release a white PS3.

Foliage4874d ago

Hey lawman, is that why the "elite" was black?

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skynidas4875d ago

there are some differences between the holes that are made to let the beast breath!

doomsonyman4875d ago

the ps3 is a damn sexy machine way better looking then the brock down 3fix me

InMyOpinion4874d ago

Jealous of the 360 as usual. If not, why did you mention it in a thread that has nothing to do with it?

Oh well, I'm off to download some of the 113 playable demos available on Xbox Live. See ya!

Bubble Buddy4874d ago

bully for you jenzo, have a fun time.

dantesparda4874d ago

cuz the the PSN has 48 demo's out on there now, which is only slightly behind the same rate as the 360. Remember its only been out 11 months, whereas the 360 has been out for almost twice as long at 1 year and 11 months. So the PS3 is moving close to the same rate as the 360 is with demos.

lawman11084874d ago


The elite is black so it can use its huge black balls to tea bag you

mgbass134874d ago

the same back balls that break down after 6 months

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solar4875d ago

i love the white ps3. wish i could trade my blacky for the whitey....would look great next to my wii.

snittolo4875d ago

Wow that sure is a sweet looking system. Even tho I like the black look that the 60GB model has this will make me think of picking up a 40GB model for another room.

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The story is too old to be commented.