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Kon2744d ago

I like that. Not bad tbh

fluffydelusions2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Yeah looks good even though I know I'm asking for down votes by saying that.

Sunhammer2744d ago

How Call of Duty "haters" operate.

New COD is announced.
Fans pissed over how broken the last installment was complain and pretend, just to seem cool, that they have no interest in this new one.
Gameplay is shown and now all of a sudden "oh wow, that doesn't look bad at all." Even though it is exactly the same as the past games.

So sad. Activision has you bent.

GrieverSoul2744d ago

Looks good tbh!

Note: OMG! Just saw a guy playing Future Soldier with kinect... -_- I threw up a little in my mouth...

grailly2744d ago

I nearly cried when the sequence started off with blowing up a door and entering it in slow-mo lol. As if they didn't already overdo it in MW2. the rest lokked quite good, but it's still just CoD prettied up a bit

ferpowerful2743d ago

Yay ! Another Map Pack for 60 dlls + 2(15dlls) i should buy it with COD ELITE ahahahaha


As much as everyone complains, it will indeed be a hot seller no doubt!

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-Mezzo-2744d ago

what was there to like, to be honest, a bunch of Scripted events.

It's better if they call it COD 4/MW2 Remake.

DoomeDx2744d ago

Yeah, and i kept thinking
''What are they trying to show here? Everything is the same. Exacly the same sound effects too..''

Takoulya2744d ago

CoD simply operates of gimmicks since 4.

CoD 4: Perks!
WaW: Zombies!
MW2: Spec Ops!
Black Ops: Wager Matches!

Along with far too many others to name, especially the scripted as hell single player, although enjoyable for how long it lasts.

PinkFunk2744d ago

The video is quite small so it's difficult to say anything with 100% conviction. However, though I usually fall under the category of "sigh another COD game, move along", that video was pretty wild. I don't much mind if they're scripted events as long as it draws me into the environment and the overall feel of the experience.

Who knows, it may end up being same old COD (MW2 and BlackOps looked very outdated to me), but it may end up being a bit of a revival for the franchise. I didn't watch the conference so f*** if I know.

LOGICWINS2744d ago

It definetly looks good, I won't take that away from it..but, I'm sure we will see more games at E3 that can top that.

MidnytRain2744d ago

Unless Robert Bowling tells us about the improved innovations in their glass. XD


Look... The average cod fan is a 12 yr old noob who does not get what great story in a fps is. They dont understand what PVP and Host advantage is and they dont care... Any game that has dedicated servers and even gameplay moderatly near cods will absolutly destroy it... Homefrount came close but had too many setbacks... will there be any game coming out that has a chance?

on another note, The AA12 are really too powerfull to be in video games... In real life they have a range of up to 120 meters with the right ammo... Why would you replicate that in a video game when it would be total cheeze? why not add the thunder gun while youre at it?

NatureOfLogic2744d ago

really, Im 21, and everyone else I know is older than me likes COD so.

Phantasm2744d ago

I have a few friends that are cops, and they all play COD, and brag about it on facebook.

jrbeerman112743d ago

call of duty is a casual shooter

the wii of FPS

Everyone buys it because everyone buys it.

it insists on itself

and most of us are buying it

and we will all complain about wasting our money

and then next year comes....

and the definition of insanity is......

arjman2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

It's like they assume that changing the story and adding more explosions will fool people into 'giving it another shot' and the sad truth is, they will buy it again, again and again...

beast242tru2744d ago

you are first to comment on everything but hav onli 1 bubble i know i hav onli two but i dnt write as much as you muahahaha

AEtherbane2744d ago

Look like classic call of duty, for better or worse.
The one thing i've never liked about any of the modern warfare games was the level of destruction. You know, cities getting leveled, buildings getting blown up. That just doesn't happen anymore, the weapon systems that every nation is developing today are make sure things like that don't happen.
Minimize collateral, only destroy the objects the pose a threat.

fatalred alarm2743d ago

This only appeals to people because it shows sequences that we could only "dream" off in real life.

While bf3 chooses to stay close to reality, this is another thing in a whole and those epic setpieces draw crowds.

Now i'm not defending mw3, bf3->mw3 anyday

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Drekken2744d ago

zzzzzz... I will never understand CoD popularity.

waterboy2744d ago

ofcourse an anti cod fan wont, you have to play it in order to understand

Drekken2744d ago

Ive played CoD since its release. The last couple of iterations are just rinse and repeat. And after the way activision did IW in, no respect, no money from me.

TabLock2744d ago


TabLock2743d ago

i see 22 people that r going to buy this game

Headquarters112744d ago

YAWWWWWNNNN damn M$ press conference is so boring with all the multiplats they're showing lmao.

MW3 looks like more of the same. Did anyone see them add anything new apart from the setting? lol

antz11042744d ago

So games are boring just b/c they're multiplats? Nice try.. /s

I think it looked pretty good, especially the Harbor chase.

MidnytRain2744d ago

The complaint is that they showed nothing different other than the setting. Slow-mo breaches and a boat chase were in MW2 two years ago. The thing that keeps CoD ticking is the big, explosive set pieces and not much else.

Klaykid1232744d ago

Harbor chase = Ending of MW2.
Sub base = COD4
Slo-mo breach = MW2 and many events like that in multiple CODS.
Helicopter scene = MANY CoDs..

Really, none of the video really looked THAT great. When you shoot the guy and McIn examines him, that is scripted, the guy will ALWAYS die in that position. The objective was to launch the rockets, and it did that on it's own, The water making you bounce is all scripted.

Really, I don't know why I keep buying CoD.

Klaykid1232743d ago

OMG. Also, in the beginning, the sub boat passes by and you have to wait for a minute until it passes by, COD4 anyone??