Sony Gives Us A Singstar PS2 Bundle For A White Christmas

The Bitbag writes, "Sony is giving us a white Christmas...white PS2 Christmas that is. Sony just announced the Singstar PS2 bundle which includes Singstar Pop, two microphones and a ceramic white PS2"

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snittolo4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

Still love how they are finding new ways to market the PS2 and keep it going after all these years.

doomsonyman4876d ago

they need to do this with singstar on ps3

shmee4876d ago

PES ps3 version has topped all the charts of UK and EU

head to the official websites of GAME and PLAY for proof

EUROPE as nasim used to say is SONYLAND again

I am excited to see the hardware and software sales of EU this week

HarryEtTubMan4876d ago

Wow its sooo funny... Sony is on their own little program... haha I love it... the pS3 is going to sell millions LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Genki4876d ago

but I have to say that it's admirable that Sony is continuing to nurture the PS2 fanbase.

TheMART4875d ago

Well they have to support the PS2 userbase, because the PS3 userbase isn't growing as fast as they planned and isn't spending enough on games.

Sony simply needs the PS2 to make some of the major PS3 losses, plus they hope to keep people on the Playstation brand that way untill they would buy the PS3.

But its a wrong attempt. Those people buying a PS3 now, overhere in Europe you can find them sometimes for 99 Euro incl. VAT, those are laggards in the consumption proces. Those buy stuff just because its cheap. Not because it has the Playstation brand on it.

Those just bought the 8 Bit Nintendo 2 years ago. You get it? Those will buy a Wii in 4 years or the 360 that will stay cheaper then the PS3 for all the time.

But Sony needs money. So its a good step I guess on short term. By the way, they should have made the power brick and cables also white instead of black. With God of War 2, this white PS2 is even more interesting at this price then the PS3 with the total game library it has now, which is pretty funny. You don't even need a PS3 for singstar wow!

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