Microsoft E3 2011 Conference Liveblog

iGG says: Microsoft will kick their conference off at 9:30 PST/12:30 EST. iGo Gaming will be live blogging all conferences today.

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Etseix2717d ago

can anybody tell me how long this will be, and how many hourstill SONY's? (hours please)

Shazz2717d ago

im sure i read sonys was at 1am uk time , so 7 and a half hours to go if thats the case

LOGICWINS2717d ago

The Sony press conference starts at 5pm.

But I'm confused, according to Geoff, the M$ conference starts at 1pm. But according to G4, the M$ conference is tomorrow, along with Nintendo.

I'm confused.

ScubaSteve12717d ago

microsoft is today's, im on gamespot right now

sony is tonights and nintendo tomorrow