Value Proposition -- PC or Console Games?

At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, a tablet won the Best of Show award, and the thought crossed my mind: I [Arti Gupta from DIG] wonder what this means to the different gaming platforms? Is there a compelling proposition for PC or non-console game developers?

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Jacobite2878d ago

Valve just simply the best : )

itzcoo2878d ago

i like playing games on my tv.been playing consoles all my life so playing with a pc just doesn't feel right for me. besides the graphics and the hacks what's so great about throwing up the money for a good gaming pc?

ChickeyCantor2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

How about connecting it trough HDMI <> HD TV and plugin in a gamepad?

Your reason isn't really valid here.

itzcoo2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

not only would you have to come out of pocket for the gamerpad and the cord but connecting a gamerpad to your pc and connecting your pc to the tv would defeat the purpose of it being a gaming pc right?
please tell me what advantages to having a gaming pc are left once you plug the gaming pad and tv up.

ChickeyCantor2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

"would defeat the purpose of it being a gaming pc right? "

What kind of nonsense is this?
PC = Personal computer.
You do whatever you want with it. No purpose gets beaten.

My PC is a gaming machine, So I play games on it. The way you play it doesn't matter at all.
But you are insinuating that you can't play pc games on a tv with a gamepad, cause thats not "gaming" anymore. Which is a load of bull.

"yea because $777 is cheap compared to $200 :/ "
I can do more with it than just games ;). Thats what lots of people don't get. I also watch movies trough my HDMI setup. I do my homework on my pc. I surf the web on my pc ( AS OF RIGHT NOW ) gaming consoles are not meant for this kind of tasking. It might cost more, but in the long run you pay less for MORE.

"please tell me what advantages to having a gaming pc are left once you plug the gaming pad and tv up."

You just said it yourself:
"i like playing games on my tv"

So do I!
( and who says i havnt hooked up a normal pc monitor for general purpose? )

On top of that I pay LESS for games, i would pay on consoles(multiplats).

StbI9902878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Well it is not only that but the fact that console gamers play the actual games and no the graphics or perfomance as most shallow pc gamers bloat around, omg 120fps wow at my wow screen? really, did u do that back at the NES era? cus i didnt and im hell enjoyed that gen like no other so ps2 gen, I also love to invite mates over and play some narutimate storm 2, surely u could do that on pc but it wont never be the same so fck pc gaming, sticking to consoles till i die.

Edit...this is all i read some pc gamers who like to push their stuff through others throats...

.There are budget PCs that make games look as good or better than consoles, yet cost less and offer more to do.

Dude, that a dmn pc gives a better look than consoles doesn't matter but the fact of being able to play the game itself, when will yall learn? guess never, that is how narrow minded they are lol.

ct032878d ago

Right, console gamers don't care about the graphics. That's why there are thousands of 360-PS3 graphics comparison articles online (most of which get posted here).

Personally, I don't care all that much about graphics. My main reason for liking the PC is 25 years of backwards compatibility. About 30% of the games I play are older than 10 years. I'll take Half-Life 1 from 1998 over Dudebro 5 anytime.

AKissFromDaddy2878d ago

There are budget PCs that make games look as good or better than consoles, yet cost less and offer more to do.

The cheapest budget PC I created, on a piece of paper(lol), was $777, including Windows 7 Ultimate for $275.

PC($502) + OS($275) = $777(buy online to avoid taxes, lol)

In the end, if you want to look as good as console but do much more, you build a PC and it will and you can upgrade with every new gen of consoles.

itzcoo2878d ago

yea because $777 is cheap compared to $200 :/
are you including games in that price as well?

AKissFromDaddy2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

The cheapest current PS3 is $297 -

The cheapest current 250G 360 is $300 -

Who wants a 4G 360? @200 -

Additionally, you pay $60 games. If you only play console exclusives, then console were designed for you.

But, if you use computers in your life as well, then the cheapest new Desktop with the cheapest version of Windows 7 on amazon cost $344.54 -

If you're reasonable, $344.54 + $300 = 644.54(without taxes if you buy online). That's $132.46 less than a budget PC. However, those $10 extra dollars you pay for console games will catch up after 13 new games.

So, unless I've made a mistake, this 'should' convince you that PC gaming is cheaper than console gaming, especially when new consoles launch at $400 to $600 dollars like the 360($400 launch) and the PS3($600 launch), adding to the insane cost of consoles on launch.

Steam keeps PC game prices lower than the $50 price tag, budget PCs are as good or better than console counterparts, PCs will always allow mods and user generated content on almost all PC games, and finally, but not least, PCs are computers that we use for everything besides gaming like: surfing the web, watching shows, downloading software, programming, listening to podcast, itunes, video chats, voice chats, porn, emails, etc.

I think I did a convincing job. Later!

PS. My 32 inch HDTV is my monitor and my TV because it has a 2 component slots, 2 HDMI slots and PC monitor slot.

I'm using this monitor to surf the web, play games I bought off Steam, and watch television. Its multitasking.

ct032878d ago

The argument that PCs are too expensive compared to consoles is silly considering they do a lot more than play games.
Ovens are more expensive than toasters. Go figure.

Rikan2878d ago

PC FTW. Old news to those in the know, but a great article regardless.

AKissFromDaddy2878d ago

---->Enthusiast PCs are 62 percent of the total market. This means there are four PCs out there for every Wii, seven PCs for every Xbox360, and eight PCs for every PS3.

---->PC gaming generates 43 percent of total gaming revenue. The next closest platform is the Wii, which generated 24 percent of the total gaming revenue in 2009.

---->And the PC share is growing: By 2013, the forecast is that PC gaming will represent 56 percent of the total pie. This tells me that maybe the benefits I state above are shared by other gamers too.

Additionally, if you can carry your laptop, you can carry your games, as stated in the article.

What intimidated me about PCs for years was all its parts such as RAM, CPU, Motherboard, Video cards, Cases, Fans, Cables, Power Supplies, etc

What made it worse is the selections. There was too much for me to choose from. However, thanks to Youtube, it isn't only easy to understand the inner parts and functions of PCs but it is really easy to build them too. :-)

Building 'The Beast' in Summer 2011 for Battlefield, Rage, Bioshock Infinite, Dead Island, Mass Effect 3, and Steam

Rikan2878d ago

Good choice. PC>consoles. Fact. I build them myself for a hobby, if you need advice/help PM me bud.

SuicideShaun2878d ago

I second that, there is no stupid questions. They can save you a lot of money.

coryok2878d ago

she says that pcs are 62% of the market, i have to wonder which market... im assuming hardware market, because pc software sales arent very high. must be hardware...

anyways on topic, i like consoles because of the community that they provide, steam is nice but im afraid that it wont last, with publishers like ea and microsoft making their own versions of steam i get dissapointed with pc gaming.
steam works so well because all the games are in one spot and everyones connected through it, if publishers start splintering there goes the large community, and my pc gaming with it

SuicideShaun2878d ago

You do know that with steam you can add any executable file to the program and it is set up for the shift+tab community page.

Don't take offense to this but I doubt you know much about steam if you think there is no community. I've never seen the human interaction in games that I have seen on steam and in games like counter strike.

coryok2878d ago

i like steam... i think it has a great community, what i dont like is that other publishers are cashing in at our expense making their own versions of steam. some have pulled content from steam or just plain not added their games to steam

if steam only had valve games than the community might start dieing down, steam wouldnt attract so many people if all it had were games from one publisher, it needs games from all over the place to attract lots of different people

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