Rumour: New Skyrim screenshot shows Werewolf eyes

SystemLink: "Skyrim fans may have discovered something awfully odd about a new screenshot from the latest issue of OPM, which has a wealth of new info. Forum users have studied the shot, and noticed something very shifty about the eyes..."

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Breadisgood2690d ago

Man I hope this is the case.

RedDead2690d ago

count on werewolves, Bethesda want them in, they know the fans want them in too.

Kal8532690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Yes, but it's often been the case with games that speculation or impressions of a screenshot or frame of a video does turn out to be fact. That's why analyzing teaser trailers shot by shot can be so rewarding and why so many websites do just that.

Breostag2690d ago

pwease Bethesda? pretty pwease?

DasTier2690d ago

So Triple H is starring in this game huh?

wallis2690d ago

Jesus Christ almighty please be the case.

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