9.0 / 10 Ace Combat 6 Xbox 360 exclusive

The most solid, robust, and realistic Ace Combat game yet. Even if you're not into playing online, Fires of Liberation offers a hearty helping of intense, varied combat that will keep you coming back long after you've completed your first campaign.

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the worst4876d ago

1UP gives 6.5/10 to Ace Combat 6

YoMeViet4876d ago

aww come on now this game is good, I'm not really a fan of air combat simulators but i gotta admit it looks fun. Especially the part where you blow the other guy outta the sky.

Evil0Angel4876d ago Show
eleaz144876d ago

a bit off-topic, but when it comes to multiplayer warhawk is unbeatable.

xhi44876d ago

1up gave Ace Combat 6 a 6.5/10........but then again, it is 1up. Gamespot I foresee a 9, seeing as it is an xbox 360 game and not a ps3 game.

But my personal view is this is an 8 or a 7, meta critic puts it at 8.2 for the time being.

This should help the 360 a little in Japan aye.

montavious4876d ago

I'm sorry but I just have to say Brilliant!

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doomsonyman4876d ago

LIKE I SAID BEFORe THIS game is no good on the 360 bad reviews all across the board. namco did this on purpoes because they hate microsoft but they were still forced to make this crap because microsoft paid them off.

the next ace combat will be exclusive to the playstation 3 and will be a true repsentation of what the series can do. namcos developers hate microsoft so they made this game suck on purpoes which is understandable but instead of wasting time and excepting the money they could of made a good ace combat game on the true next gen system and been more succesful

Sez 4876d ago

why don't you eat a [email protected] up til you hickup.only sonyfanboys hate MS not dev's. maybe sony shuld have begged namco for this game. since they are doing so much begging for the dev's to stay onboard and support the system.

Gondee4876d ago

That sounded like total opnion.

Show me some links and evdence. and then i consider this being true

supaflypriest14874d ago

bad reviews across the board??? I've only seen 1 6.5, which was clearly wrong...This game is easily a 8 or 9. Are you on Sony's payroll??

Bnet3434876d ago

A little high, I'd say 8.5 would be just about right. Fun to play online. :)

wageslave4875d ago

On Metacritic, the game is 8.2 / 10. That BS 6.5 from earlier, is the *LOWEST* score this game has recieved, and has skewed the score down significantly.

Sure, your 8.5 is about right. This is AAA quality title.

At 8.5, it is exceeded by only 4 exclusive PS3 games, R&C 9.0/10, Resistence 8.6 / 10, Motorstorm 8.4 / 10 and Warhawk 8.4 / 10.

This is a great game, Ive enjoyed the demo, and will be trying it as a rental to see how I like the exclusive Xbox LIVE gameplay.

BubblesDAVERAGE4876d ago

I never liked this game but i will try it when it coems to ps3 because warhawk is AAA

snoop_dizzle4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

if its good its good. Ill probably be playing both. I gotta get back into warhawk though. Stupid college midterms :(

and doomsday, lets just say i would really never take your word for it. Can you blame me? I mean come on. It could be bad, but hey, if this was a rating for a ps3 game you would or someone else would be extremely happy.

and uh Evil-Angel, warhawk is actually pretty good. The graphics aren't the best but its still freaking awesome. Admittedly the ground combat(at least when you are on foot, is not as fun, but flying is awesome :) Ive been playing that and halo 3 a lot until recently. Sadly i might not be able to till thanksgiving vacation, but then ill have other games i have to play.

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