Lulzsec opens up Sony Developer Network

Lulzsec, the group of hackers that have carried on attacks that Anonymous started against Sony, have released the source code for the Sony developer network.

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joeyisback3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

they will be crashing soon after hacking the fbi in atlanta stupid hackers just called the number and this guy sounded like a arab that answer or he has a speech problem

fr0sty3795d ago

Already happened, see above.

WharenPeace3795d ago

@Frosty What you posted was actually false, and most likely a lulzsec red herring, since Adrian Lamo is the guy that reported Bradley Manning during the Wikileaks military data theft saga.

b_one3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Someone censored your post :)

btw Frosty its a hoax i supose. (date 13 may 2011 )

Wizziokid3795d ago

these guys need to get laid big time...

Oldsnake0073795d ago

lol talking about getting laid on N4g.

TomInc3795d ago

Quite worrying with much if e3 now kicking off!

WhiteLightning3795d ago

"I’m personally getting bored with Sony’s “security”, will you stop using your PlayStation 3 or PSP?"

Oh for christ sake

It's NOT their fault...nothing is hack proof. If a hacking group is targeting that one company then yeah it's going to get boring... their going to create holes and the company are going to fill them.

frostypants3795d ago

Yep. It's the same as the old "PCs are less secure than Macs" falsehood. PCs are simply targeted more than Macs. Sony is currently a popular target for hackers. I doubt they'll ever achieve anything on the level of the PSN attack again, though.

And gaining the developer network code may not even be a hacking exploit...they may have simply obtained it from an insider.

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The story is too old to be commented.