The PSN Outage: A Definitive Timeline

"Stretching for more than five weeks for some, the Playstation Network outage took its toll on every gamer with a PS3, but with the Playstation Store now online we can (hopefully) say that the PSN outage is finally over. During the outage however things got pretty confusing, with conflicting information flying here and there, but we’re here to make sense of it all with a helpful timeline of events from beginning to end of the Playstation Network Outage."- The Stoned Sheep

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movements2744d ago

It's e3 man, no time for this!

Fir3truck2744d ago

I feel sorry for all the PS3 owners, not have full functioning PSN for over a month now.

Dart892744d ago

This is the past now it's time to wait for E3 to start.

Fir3truck2744d ago

Wow you guys really are trying to sweep this under the rug. Don't mind the man behind the current just focus on the new shinny stuff.

Joni-Ice2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

It seems like you just want to keep bringing it up. You say you feel sorry for PS3 owner indicting your not one. Well I am the owner of 3 PS3 with family and friends who have them too and we are not thinking about the past so no need to feel sorry. I suggest you move on too. Life go's on.

MrDead2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

It was down, now its back up. What else do you want?

Also why not invest in a PS3 and mabey you will realise you dont need to feel sorry, we still had plenty of content to keep us busy.

Fir3truck2744d ago

Is it fully functioning?

MrDead2744d ago

As far as I can tell its fine, but I can only speak for the UK.

Imp0ssibl32744d ago

It's not the fact that PSN is back up or not, this shouldn't have happened in the first place. A huge company like Sony cannot be taken offline by a group of teenagers in their mother's basement. PS3 owners had to pay 600$ for a console which suffered a horrible launch and only got good 2 years ago. Sony owes it to all of their customers, those who stuck with them since the beginning and those who just jumped on board, to deliver a stable and high quality online service.

MrDead2744d ago


Sony took the PSN offline not the hackers, you feel they should have kept it up? $600 price tag was to pay for the R&D in new tech (Cell, Blu-ray) dont see the harm there, do you complain every time a new device apears on the market and cost more then the older model?

To awnser the question that sony only "got good 2 years ago" well you just couldnt have been taking any notice before then.

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moneygun22744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

@Fir3truck Been fine for a week now, for someone so interested in trying to go on a smear campaign you sure dont check any facts. Watch this we can do broad useless generalizations to like, man i feel sorry for all the xbox owners who have to pay for p2p online, and are stuck with a console that is 1 step away from being barren with actual exciting exclusive content. See I could do that but I guess maybe I would want to get some facts before just shouting off an opinion that looks like it was brainstormed by an over excited 15 year old xbox fanboy

Fir3truck2744d ago

First I was just going by the article that was written by a PS3 owner. Second teh PS3 is the first Sony System I have not owned. So calling me an xbox fanboy is a little extreme.

If everyone has moved on then why are you guys on hear talking about it, when you could have just skipped over it and let it die?

Ninver2744d ago

Quickly! someone inform this guy he's getting compensated with free content he probably doesn't deserve.

Skyliner122744d ago

LORD OF THE DANCE SOMEONE HAS A DIFFERENT OPINION, GET HIM. Also, way to not notice it's a different person who wrote this than posted it.

It's a timeline, guys. A really well done one, at that. Maybe some people haven't caught all the details while PSN was down, people were out of town, whatever. There was some stuff in there I didn't know about and I followed this story really close.

Yeah, it's E3, and I'm excited too. Doesn't hurt to look at one of the biggest hacks in the world and try to figure out wth happened.