Which Hollywood Studio Is Accused Of 'Big Ass, Fat, Stupid Lie'?

LA Weekly's Nikki Finke reports on Paramount's gross overstatement of Transformers first week sales:

"You'd think anyone even remotely associated with DreamWorks would know better after the SEC investigation into Shrek 2 DVD sales reporting," the first Blu-ray studio source says. "In an overreaching effort to make a press claim - the #1 high def title position for any format - for Transformers, they've gone beyond exaggeration. Here's the dumb lie: they've claimed to sell 100K in one day and 190K in one week. Exact point of sale data from 3 retailers that make up 62% of the high-def market show sales of 73K units for the week. Being very generous, they could possibly reach 125K-130K, which would barely set a record for HD-DVD. And they couldn't have flooded rental stores since Blockbuster doesn't stock HD-DVD. It's an outrage. They think they can say whatever they want and that no one will call them on it. They need to be called on it."

One Blu-ray studio then provided me with 3rd party substantiation: an internal email from Nielsen's Videoscan giving the point-of-sale data which Paramount isn't disputing:(image below)"

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Bigmac5734880d ago

Megacorporations lying about their sales numbers in order to appease their audience. What a joke Paramount has become in signing on with HD-DVD.

They would have quadrupled their sales if they were on Blu-Ray and they know it.

C_SoL4880d ago (Edited 4880d ago )

& no one can deny that... Paramount is fu(kin stupid for going with HD-DVD....

aaahhhh look at all the HD-DVD fanboys disagreeing...fu(k you guys....why don't you go get a copy of transformers to show support to your they don't have to lie....cause they know transformers on blu-ray would sell more then on HD-DVD. so they just lie about it thinking more consumers will get an HD-DVD and Transformers (which is an awesome movie) cause of their sells. thats pretty fu(kin low for transformers in the 1st week.

xhi44880d ago

the 150 million dollars kinda cancels out Transformer's HD-DVD losses.....or does it? Mwahahaha............

sorry I just re-read that, and damn is that mwahaha lame.....*sighs at regressing self-respect*

cuco334880d ago

those two easily account for the apparent 40% difference (ESPECIALLY Amazon as it is a big HD DVD hit).

Let's stop spinning sh*t guys. BD people took advantage with the BOGO sale and came out on top by 1% giving away disks. Those who took advantage of the freebies, I applaud you. I took advantage of the CC glitch by picking up 8 HD DVDs for the price of 4. If I had a PS3 (which I'm bound to get both for gaming and BD, waiting on the rumbled controllers to come as a standard ;) ) I'ld have picked up a few blu titles as well. It's nice to know that even with the freebie giveaways the sales split was only by 1%. Who do you think PROFITTED more? BD or HD DVD? Some don't care, I find it interesting.

And please, if you are going to mention Para's "150mil payoff", let's not forget the incentives the BDA payed to Fox, Disney, etc to go proBD and Para/DW/Warner to go neutral. Let's not be hypocrites here. Know the whole picture.

power of Green 4880d ago

The bigger surprise is that Blu-ray/Sony supporters are looking to debunk news they don't like 24/7...

YoMeViet4880d ago

I guess LA Weekly's Nikki Finke is a Blu-ray/Sony supporter too for debunking Paramount's claim eh POG? Shame on her for trying to dig up the Truth, Shame. (sarcasm)>_>

spammy_nooo4880d ago

That may be so, but nobody disputed 300's sales. Wanna know why? Because it was believable.

Blu-ray has been outselling Hd-dvd for a while now(forever) by a fairly significant margin, so it doesn't make sense that a hd-dvd exclusive would sell more than the best selling blu-ray disc, Transformers or not.

I thought it sounded fishy when I heard the news. I guess my gut was right...

fenderputty4880d ago (Edited 4880d ago )

Translation: Whah Whah ... boo hooo ... paramount lied ...quick say something slanderous to distract everyone from the truth. Whah Whah ...

Seriously ... lol

BTW ... this translation can be applied to comment #4 also.

Lionsguard4880d ago

how incredibly dense you are. Actually it wasn't really a surprise. OH sure this could be silly to you but had it been Toshiba or someone who caught Sony lying about retail numbers you'd be all over it praising Toshiba for their GREAT INVESTIGATION SKILLZ!! enjoy your over-priced coasters.

LoydX-mas4880d ago

What Nikki Fenke(and most others) don't know is that she is using flawed Nielson's VideoScan numbers.

Fact 1: Wal-mart hasn't supplied numbers to Nielson since july 2001.

Fact 2: Wal-mart sells almost 40% of all DVDs

Fact 3: Wal-mart does sell HD-DVD.

Do 'ya think that Paramount might actually be more correct than this report is trying to portray?

THE_JUDGE4880d ago

you still have yet to provide any links to actual facts that say Walmart sells 40% of the nations DVD players and we aren't talking about DVD anyway. Theres no way in hell that Walmart can make up 40% of HD-DVD's sold. Thats stupid to imply and by saying FACT before everything and not actually showing where you got that FACT from is stupid also.

LoydX-mas4879d ago (Edited 4879d ago )

here is a link:

P.S. I never said Wal-mart sells 40% of HD-DVDs, just DVD sales.

But they do sell Hd-DVD, and they are available on-line. Now Wal-mart has 4300 stores in the States, they woul only need to sell about 20 HD discs per store to easily make the 190,000 number very believeable

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SpenserTracy4880d ago

A lie is a lie and should be exposed. Im glad I have Blu-Ray.

smturner684880d ago

I'm glad that I have a Blu-ray player as well. But, I'm also just as glad to have an HD-DVD player because I bought Transformers the other night when I saw they finally had high def movies at Walmart. I'm also glad that I have an HD-DVD player because my copy of 300 that I got on Ebay the other day has features that aren't in the Blu-ray version. Those features may not be the most important thing, but if they're there, I'm gonna get the better version!

Douchebaggery4880d ago

I thought Sony had the monopoly on lying

Eclipticus4880d ago


bloodzombie774880d ago

Awesome. Bubble for you for the Hollywood lied thing.

Eclipticus4878d ago

seriously how do i get a disagree. Hollywood types always tell the truth?
ps3 always be backward compatible? Hi, have you heard of the 40gb ps3?
the world is over? well you know, not now, but everything comes to and end sooner or later...

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