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cyborg2695d ago

hear more about this game during Microsoft's presser tonight. Looks full of win.

fluffydelusions2695d ago

Wouldn't it be during EA's?

Blacktric2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

They're most likely going to announce Kinect support for it and maybe will show a trailer. And then at EA conference, they'll have the live gameplay demo.

Edit: BTW wasn't Bioware going to release a really expensive Collector's Edition for Mass Effect 3 and didn't they give Prestige Editions of Call Of Duty games as an example? What's included with this edition doesn't seem that expensive to me. It has the same things as Halo: Reach Limited Edition (art book, an N7 patch, etc.). Maybe they're going to announce a seperate one like Legendary Edition (N7 Edition maybe)?

tigertron2695d ago

I'm hoping Amazon UK put it on soon so I can pre-order it for the PS3. A game like this deserves a collection edition.

ElementX2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Collector's Editions are stupid. I can see one or two big games having them, but every lame game coming out has a collector's edition.

Brixxer6002695d ago

Was hoping it'd include a moulded sculture of Miranda's ass :(

Nate-Dog2695d ago

Hmmm I'll have to get a look at this before I decide, the ME CE was amazing I thought, searched for it for a while and found it locally second-hand with everything in it for €30 after I had seen a new copy of it go for €150 on eBay. This looks better than the ME2 CE since that was mostly in-game content if I remember correctly which is cool but not really sure if I want it.

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