God of War 4 at E3 2011 could overshadow Uncharted 3

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will be one of Sony’s biggest games at E3 2011, however we are now hearing that another PlayStation 3 exclusive may show up at the expo

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Warprincess1162878d ago

I personally think they are not gone to show GOW4. It too soon.

Nitrowolf22878d ago

I'm thinking it'll be a PSP remaster GOW collection

ksense2878d ago

it will probably be psp remaster series and also a god of war 4 just like halo hd remake and halo 4.

I personally am more excited for uncharted 3 and it is one game i am thinking about going for a midnight launch because that game is just too damn good. I love god of war games but am not crazy excited for it.

MaxXAttaxX2878d ago

There was no GOW4.

It's called the "Origins Collection" which includes GOW Chains of Olympus and GOW Ghost of Sparta.

Even if there was a GOW4, they wouldn't show much footage of it.
Besides they're very different games and would compliment each other as two badass games.

Iamback2878d ago

No GOW4 but if there was don't see how it can overshadow U3. Just another great game. If you have that low brain capacity that you can't handle few big games, something is wrong with you.

Uncharted3Goty2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

God of war 4 is coming to E3 according to these

God of war is one of the titles that would be soon and it has also been 15 months since god of war 3 come out so its possible.

@ Plbelanger I know but they can still show a teaser trailer or something at E3.

M-Easy2878d ago

Recent interviews had Santa Monica Studios working with the Starhawk team. I'm not sure if they are big enough to work on two AAA games at once. Hopefully they are for gamers sake.

Max_Dissatisfaction2878d ago

LOL at using months to make it sound like a long time, it released last year.
I don't mind, love the series but lets not pretend Sony isn't milking it and then complain about halo in the same breath. There are 6 Halo games in 10 years...
Then there's
GoW 2
GoW 3
Ghost of Sparta
Chains of Olympus
GoW collection
GoW PSP - Remaster

dgonza402878d ago

@ Max_Dissatisfaction

A trilogy spanning 2 consoles and 2 games for a handhelp device isnt that bad dude...

i think it's already like 4 Halo games on the 360 alone. now THAT'S pretty bad.. on top of that they announced another trilogy

so halo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Halo Reach, Halo ODST, and Halo Wars spanning the life of 2 consoles.. that's waayy to much.

fluffydelusions2878d ago

It doesn't mean it's coming out anytime soon. Look at was shown 2 years ago and still no release date yet.

aceitman2878d ago

it will only make sonys press look better.

peedie162878d ago

i don't know if any of you guys saw the tweet from Tim Moss at Santa Monica studios but he did say they were working on 8 games and 4 of those hadn't been announced yet

Pintheshadows2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Yeah SM is a very big studio. I hope for GOW4. I'm of the opinion that there are plenty of places that Kratos could go. I have my fingers crossed as GOW 3 is one of my favourite games and I could go for more.

EDIT I wouldn't say no to a SM overhaul of Heavenly Sword.

hazeblaze2878d ago

Yea, I don't believe it either. Santa Monica seemed pretty serious about moving on to a new IP after the end of the trilogy. I was actually hoping they'd pick up the Heavenly Sword IP for Sony.

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Uncharted3Goty2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

I agree if God of war 4 is shown it would be the Top of E3 next to uncharted 3.

aia122878d ago

if halo 4 is announced although that will be a stupid move by ms it will pwn e3. still hope they hold off on that and release on their next gen console with battlefield 3 rivaling graphics.

2878d ago
aia122878d ago


halo fanboys number in the MILLIONS look at halo 3 the game sucked ass yet sold 8.1 million explain that. do you know how many nerds have been waiting for this ?

stonecold32878d ago

i was reading australian game informer in the the magazine god of war 4 rumored to be out september 2012 on ps3 and as for gta v i was in my local game shop a fews weeks ago and this was the ps3 list of games that gtav was on there release date i hope its all true thought

Uncharted3Goty2878d ago

your right its right here and according to the link that i posted in my comment above its coming.

phantomexe2878d ago

god of war is a great game but it's not uncharted. Uncharted is the only series that i will wait in line until midnight to get. I'm 34 so it feels strange waiting there like a kid excited but i did it for UC2.

dc12878d ago

Don’t feel strange! ..I'm 37 married with 2 wonderful kids....and I went to the KZ3 midnight release.

Shane Kim2878d ago

You perv! Are you married with two kids? I don't care how wonderful they are! Disgusting!


iMaim2878d ago

dude grow up. you know what the guy means.

remanutd552878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Uncharted is a great game but its not God of War , God of War and Metal Gear Solid are the only series that would make me buy a limited edition ps3 just for collection , im 32 almost 33 and i still remember the very first time i played Metal Gear Solid on playstation coming from being a nintendo player and then it came the game that took the hack and slash genre by storm yes that game loved by many God of War , Drake is great but it isnt Kratos or Snake just yet , to each their own , and yes God of War 4 would completely overshadow Uncharted 3 for me .
Man , God , LEGEND !!!!!

Wizziokid2878d ago

depends, for me I prefer Uncharted over GoW

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