MGS' Vamp Appearing in Konami's NeverDead?

Either it's Vamp from Metal Gear Solid or a character that looks exactly like him.

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dude_meister2689d ago

It does look like him, and the way he moves in the trailer is also a lot like Vamp. Definitely could be him, but the quality of the graphics in this game is sub-par compared to MGS4 vamp.

Nitrowolf22689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

lol it's not him-him, more like just a character baed on his looks and i think this guy looks more like Majima from Yakuza
Literally everything is the same, The bad Eye, The beard style, even the Hair is almost the same.

Warprincess1162689d ago

Well that pic doesn't look like him but he did have the same weapons as vamp and he was really agile. I think it would be cool if they let vamp cross over into another series. He fit right into this game.

IronFist2689d ago

Lol, that would be a weird Sega/Konami crossover.

gaffyh2689d ago

The way he jumped down in the trailer reminded me of vamp, they could do it, they are both Konami games.

Pintheshadows2689d ago

I said that the other day. He has a new hair do' though.

solidsnake2222689d ago

And the facial hair is different, but they both have some.

Jack-Dangerously2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

*Licks keyboard* *spit cough gag* WAYYYY cooler when Vamp does it. T_T

jinse2688d ago

LOL without Phil Lamarr? I don't think so Tim