The most funny and embarassing E3 press conference moments in video

In the last years we have seen some fantastic E3 moments that we will never forget.

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trpride2879d ago

Haha translator dude, I love that guy :P

EXID2879d ago

what the HELL is wrong with that avatar's leg? o.o

GiggMan2879d ago

I can't wait to see what makes the list this year.

*It's also funny how the things that are suppose to be funny never make any of these list.*

SilentNegotiator2879d ago

"I can't wait to see what makes the list this year"

Kinect is obviously MS's focus, and look at the past there; "BAM!", faked performances, creepy milo.....

I expect it to provide more whoopsie-moments this year as well. When we look back at the funniest moments of 2011, Kinect will likely make it at least once on those lists.

GusBricker2879d ago

The Dance Central demo actually sold the game. Big time.

insomnium22879d ago

I smell butthurt. Does everything have to be taken in with a fanboy or a consolewar mindset? What's wrong with just laughing?

GusBricker2879d ago

Naw, I just didn't see it as funny or embarrassing.

It just showed almost anyone could play it.

X-Zone2879d ago

Microsoft really don't 'get it'

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