Will Wright: We “missed the mark” with Spore’s depth

Legendary game designer Will Wright was quite pleased with much of Spore, but he feels his team “missed the mark” in terms of creating a game with sufficient depth of play.

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wallis2744d ago

Isn't this a bit of a late realization? And since when has limiting a games depth ever been a wise strategy? You intentionally tried to gun for the casual market and frankly you got what you deserved because spore was an awesome idea and for some strange reason you thought the same people who regularly play wii fit would be a great audience to tailor a fucking life simulator to.

It's a shame because I enjoyed spore for the fifteen minutes it took to do everything it offered.

arjman2744d ago

I just remember seeing that trailer from gdc 05/6 which showed the 'scientific' approach to the game, then playing this atrocity that we're stuck with...