Prototype "completely different" from inFamous, 'space for both'

Radical Entertainment, creator of Prototype, doesn't believe there's a rivalry between their viral-based 'hero' and Suck Punch's electrically charged inFamous.

Prototype offers "something completely different" from Infamous, says Radical's Matt Armstrong. They've taken stock of "all the feedback" from fans.

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forevercloud30002692d ago

Sounds like they don't want to fight anymore....thanks to that last wooping lol. JK JK.

The fact they tried to release Prototype in the same release window as Infamous really hurt both of them but hurt Prototype more due to it being the lower rated game. Luckily this time their releases will be nowhere near each other.

Theyellowflash302692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Prototype sold well and so did Infamous. But there really different in how they play. Prototype has enough moves and button combinations its almost like a fighter where as Infamous has more of a 3rd person shooter feel in combat. Infamous is more polished but if they clean up some up the control issues in Prototype and smooth out some of the wonky animations Prototype could catch infamous in terms of quality. And, i only say this cause I know both games in and out. I got the platinum in Prototype first then Infamous right after that. I even made a comparison vid if you guys want to check it out.

-just copy and paste the url.

Cajun Chicken2692d ago

Personally, I found Prototype more like Crackdown than Infamous.

DJMarty2692d ago

Yeh, Ones series awesome(Infamous/2), ones series shite (Prototype/2). Simple.

Anarki2692d ago

Protype wasn't a bad game. Just because infamous was better, it doesn't make Prototype a bad game.

Pintheshadows2692d ago

I did like both but preferred inFamous. I think Radical will take time to improve what they started with the first one. Get closer to the cgi intro of the first game cos' that was sweet.

ian722692d ago

There is room for both games. I got inFamous and Prototype when they released and loved them both. They play a lot different than each other.

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