Heller gunning for Mercer in new Prototype 2 trailer

TVGB: "Fueled by rage and revenge, James Heller is looking to pick a fight with former protagonist Alex Mercer in Prototype 2, and he'll stop at nothing to take down his target as you'll see in this new, gory, explosive and E3-ready trailer for Radical's latest."

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Tdmd2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I've never played prototype so yes, I might not know what I'm talking about here, but I imagine I would feel bad if after playing a whole game with a character, (getting to know him and making him powerful), in the sequel I was forced to kill him with a new protagonist!
It's as if in inFamous 2, Cole was the bad guy, hunted down by an mutated and super powered John or Moya, looking for revenge. It wouldn't feel right, would it? This seems as a weird move to me.

Valvatorez2691d ago

Believe me,there was not much to like about Mercer.He just killed everyone and didn't care if they attacked him or not.And I bet at the end of P2,Heller and Mercer will join forces to fight the 'real' bad guy.These types of stories have been done before.

Freddy_Millz12691d ago

Your absolutly right Valva. All money is on the two joining up near the end.

On another note, i saw the debut trailer for this game on youtube a few months back...swear to god i've never seen so much bigotry towards Heller in all of my life! I would understand if Mercer was a more stand up guy and actually didnt sway from his objective mid game, but the mass of the comments directed at Heller were simply because he was a, as they called him, *N*gg*r*.

Seriously, we havnt gotten over the racial hump YET? Not to mention the IGN and community comments regarding Starhawk. Some of you basement dwelling, cousin screwing, still living with your mama hillbillies, (Not directing this at everyone) need to come to terms with the fact that not all colored ppl are ignorant, chest thumping, gang banging animals.

Cant spell ignorant without IGN I suppose.....*sorry, rant over*

Valvatorez2691d ago

Some people are still stuck in the stoneage.I would'nt care if the main guy or girl was Black,White or a piece of Tofu,none of that affects his or her asskicking abilities.

Tdmd2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I would care if he was a piece of Tofu. It would be hard to take him/her seriously...

Joking apart, I think that IF there really are people out there complaining about the new protagonist's skin color, they must be a minority of gamers. People DID got over the racial prejudice. Look at GTA, for instance: one of the most beloved chapters in this franchise had a black guy as main character. In Behind good and Evil, a huge cult classic game, the protagonist was a black girl, wasn't her? Diablo 2 had a black guy representing the paladin class (and how popular was this game AND this particular class?).

With all due respect, I think you might be overreacting after seen a few bad apples on the internet. One guy writes a stupid article and all of sudden, everyone is a potential racist.

Valvatorez2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

The tofu thing was a Resident Evil joke.You could play as a piece of tofu.I was not overreacting,some people don't know what century we live in.Racism should be a thing of the past!
EDIT:I never said everyone was a potential racist.I know(I hope!)that people on N4G are not that stupid! BTW,I get what your saying,I agree that GTA made people get over their hate.

Freddy_Millz12691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

He was refuring to me, and I DID agree with his comment about some gamers getting over racial issues. Im not the type of guy to go around waving the race card because its something that really doesn't sway me, but latly i have been running into many negative comments regarding race in games. Even a few articals here on N4G discussed such. I need to remember that Youtube comments are the most racist the internet can get.

No harm from your comment Dmd. As i mentiond, it was not directed towards everyone. There will just always be a handful of tards that still think its proper to bang rocks together to make fire and openly post their disgust for ppl of other races and creeds because they are looking for a giggle or a thumbs up on a comment.

Tdmd2691d ago

I see your point and I can relate to it. I do get my fare share of prejudice just for being born where I did (which is northwest part of Brasil). Although, as you've said so yourself, this sort of pitiful comment comes from a handful of tards with nothing clever to say and a lot of free time to spend. I say ignore and move on. They feed on attention and when you feed this kind of behavior, you might help to create a real problem where there’s none. A few stupid individuals do not constitute a stupid nation. So try your best to not generalize or feed their attention needs. People like that tend to become more hurtful when they know they can hurt. So don’t give them this satisfaction. Ignore, move on and they’ll shut up. That's all I'm saying.