Star Wars Kinect - trailer to hint at Xbox 360's 3D feature?

In some scenes from the Star Wars Kinect trailer you will see explosions that jump out of the screen visually... is this a hint at Xbox 360s 3D feature? To be announced this morning at Microsoft's e3 press conference?

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Wizziokid2691d ago

from the video which has been posted on youtube, this game looks terrible, would have worked so much better with move, but that's just my opinion.

video: 53 seconds in to see what I mean

The Meerkat2691d ago


MS better have some Halo and a new Xbox for people to focus on.

YodaCracker2691d ago

Looks pretty cool to me and I'm a hardcore gamer. This will probably sell millions. Just imagine casuals seeing this on TV. Kinect sales are going to rocket up again.

theIMP2691d ago

I agree with you man, my son will love this, and I will try it out too.

Wizziokid2691d ago

apparently people like the look of the lag, slow, on-rails gameplay?? oh well each to their own I guess :)

MinusTheBear2691d ago

I still don't see how they can make "true" 3D work through a 1.2 cable.

Shazz2691d ago

damn that doesnt look good at all for core fans , looks like its on rails again and theres delay .

ManiacMansion2691d ago

i also cant se "true" 3D in KZ3 or Gran Turismo.. i only see TRUE 3D in IMAX cinemas.

The Meerkat2691d ago

Thankfully I live in a three dimensional universe. So I see True 3D everywhere I look.

slavish32691d ago

Actually you live in a 4 dimensional universe. time is considered the forth. do some homework.

Software_Lover2691d ago

If the price is right I'll get it for my son. He loves star wars. Has all the movies and about 5 different light sabres. We even went to disney a few years ago during star wars summer. He likes simple games that are just fun. Of course he's only 5 so he has a different perspective on what fun is than us adults. His favorite games right now are wii sports, mario kart, and anything Sonic the hedgehog

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