Nintendo Wins Again

Nintendo is a Motley Fool Stock Advisor pick and remains a five-star Caps stock even after tripling its share price over the past year. This company seems to have figured out what kind of games the global consumer wants, and it also aims to grow gaming into new demographics. That includes casual gamers such as women, older people, and guys who prefer sports.

Mix in a generous helping of Mario and Luigi and a generally cuddly image, and people have a game provider for the whole family. Sony and Microsoft are still going after the hardcore gaming crowd of mostly boys and young men, looking ahead to becoming living-room media hubs in the distant future.

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ATLRoAcH4875d ago

One thing I can't do is hate on Nintendo even though they are Sonys real enemy from way back.Nintendo got me gaming when I was just a little dude.I still wouldn't mind playing some Mario 3 or Battle Toads.Nintendo does indeed have customer appeal.In the future kids that start on Nintendo today will be hardcore gamers.Nintendo is a good start for an aspiring gamer.Thanks to Nintendo I'm a hardcore Sony fan today.Its funny how the world works.

PirateThom4875d ago

I'm the same, I've been there, done that and do actually own a SNES t-shirt and while my love for Nintendo of the past will never die, I just have a kind of indifference to them now. I'm glad to see Nintendo on top again, but I don't like how they go there.

Ru4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Article Titles Like This
It Promotes Fanboyism, Which we all know everyone on N4G rarely has to deal with.

doomsonyman4875d ago

nintendo will be crushed by sony in 2008 these are the facts

Rooftrellen4875d ago

Nintendo stood toe to toe with Halo America! The only difference in 2008 to now with Sony and Nintendo is that there will be a few months where the PS3 outsells the Wii because of huge hits.

However, make no mistake by judging the games annouced so far. Nintendo plays it close to the vest, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Brawl won't be the only monsterous hit that we'll see on the Wii in 2008.

C_SoL4875d ago

@3.1:thats all you can mention is gotta tell me more man......cause PS3 has a infratry of weapons(games)...

Rooftrellen4875d ago

The only games we know of right now that I would say are must-haves are Brawl, Endless Ocean, No More Heroes, Mario Kart, Mushroom Men, Okami, Monster Lab, Animal Crossing, Disaster: Day of Crisis, Dragon Quest Swords, and FF: CC. I know you may want more, but there will be more than just that, you can be sure, and, depending on your tastes, there may be more than that, but those games are just me, personally, as a hardcore gamer.

For the PS3 we have Devil May Cry 4, KZ2, LBP, MSG4, FF13, Singstar, GT5, Jak and Daxter, Lost Planet, and Motorstorm 2. You might be interested in more, but that's what I see that I would want, plus a few that are really hyped that I wouldn't want.

I count 10 for the PS3 and 11 for the Wii. Of course, as I said, Nintendo likes to keep secrets, while Sony is trying to show what the future holds, so I would expect the list of Wii games to grow over the next few months.

Also, on that list, 5 Wii games are NOT sequals or remakes, while only 1 fits that bill on the PS3, so the Wii should give fresher experiances.

If you have a different ideas of the must haves comming next year for the PS3, please, tell the world, but don't list a lot of games that won't be any good just to list more than 11 and say the PS3 owns the Wii, because then you just end up looking foolish as I will have to say once again that we all know Nintendo isn't letting us know everything yet.

C_SoL4875d ago

Nintendo didn't win sh*t....this console war still has alot of fuel in its tank.....

happyjimmy4875d ago

It lost when they revealed it had no specs.

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The story is too old to be commented.