Sony Dominating RPG Scene in Japan

Plenty of RPGs will be shipping this month in Japan...but only one of them will be appearing on a machine without a PlayStation logo.

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imoutofthecontest4309d ago

Meruru and Yakuza are gonna sell barrel loads....

SpaceSquirrel4309d ago

Yakuza of the End is finally coming out.

TheColbertinator4309d ago (Edited 4309d ago )

Not too hard anymore with Nintendo and Microsoft practically ignoring the biggest genre in Japan at the moment.

Japan doesn't care for Xbox and Nintendo relies on Pokemon as its main RPG.

VampiricDragon4309d ago

only microsoft.

Nintendo just released an rpg last month dude.

And when the 3ds gets going. Watch out

the_kutaragi_baka4309d ago

glad for this...

the market need jrpgs..

VampiricDragon4309d ago

jrpgs are booming at the moment on all systems

The ps3 is the only system where jrpgs have gone down from its predecessor.

ds,psp,wii,360 are all up. And the 3ds for being only 4 months old has a metric ton in development

MinusTheBear4309d ago

Actually there are plenty of JRPGs on the PS3, a lot of them just need to get localized. Not many Japanese companies are big enough to develop for the PS3 while the PS2 was much cheaper and easier.

Istanbull4309d ago

The predecessor of the PS3 has the biggest RPG library, why do u compare it to a 4 year old console like the PS3? Also, PS3 now has more rpgs then 360, only this year rpgs like WKC2, Atelier Meruru, Hyperdmension Neptunia and others

femshep4309d ago

now the trend just needs to come to the west so FPS wont be the top genre

Tachyon_Nova4309d ago (Edited 4309d ago )

I doubt people who play FPS games only will have the patience for RPG's.

Edit: @ irfan - Yeah I should have clarified that by saying 'most' FPS gamers won't have the patience for RPG's, there will of course be some who do. However, I doubt wether enough FPS gamers could be converted into RPG gamers to make it the biggest genre.

femshep4309d ago

yeah and when they do play them they complain cause its not like call of duty even if the games are really good

4309d ago
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