Sega: Back to the future

CVG writes: Mike Hayes, the man in charge of Sega's fortunes in the Western world, is going "a little bit crazy".

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PSWe602718d ago

I have no hope for Sega...yeah you heard me right.


Quagmire2718d ago

Jeez, this isnt 2006 anymore

AlexCage2718d ago

Ugh, the idea of a digital future makes me sick to my stomach. Sure, it gives them lee way on not spending ginormous budgets for there titles, and hence can create more titles with a small budget, but still.

Those "digital" experiences (except for maybe Braid, Flower, and Limbo), just don't create those SAME experiences that the AAA/60$ priced experiences do. In my experiences, it's almost like playing a AAA Flash game at times.

So to me, going digital= excuse for being cheap.

NYC_Gamer2718d ago

last game i brought from sega was shenmue 2

DigitalRaptor2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I think Sonic Generations looks great, but all I really want from Sega is a sequel to Shenmue 2, or at least an HD collection.