Fight Night Round 3 Confirmed for PS3 Launch

The game will include a number of PS3-exclusive gameplay features -- including a first-person mode called "Get in the Ring", and a new damage system that wasn't present in the Xbox 360 version.

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Islandkiwi5878d ago

You should be happy, ps3 people. This was a fun game. But with ps3, no rumble. I'm trying to remember whether rumble was important for fnr3...

calderra5878d ago

With a full year of dev time to do it, yes I hope this will be the best version.

And rumble was supremely useful if you payed attention. Even when throwing a haymaker, there are times when an opponent moves or blocks at just the right moment, and although it looks like you connected, you really didn't (or the hit was softened, or etc). With rumble on, you could instantly feel how hard you were hitting regardless of looks. Paying attention to rumble upped my skill tremendously- I used it to learn exactly how to effectively lower damage and maximize impact. No more worrying about trying to see if I was taking damage- I knew.

It's sort of a small thing in the overall picture, but it was pretty important to me.

5878d ago
EnforcerOfTheTruth5878d ago

You sound like this sad girl Real Freak. Funny that after he dissapeared, you entered the stage. Poor boy tries to make us think he has a life besides this

ALLGAMER5878d ago

This WILL be the best one.

General5878d ago (Edited 5878d ago )

Indeed it will be the best, I have played the PS2 Version and it doesn't really need rumble, I dont even pay attention to the rumble while im playing anyway.

USMChardcharger5878d ago

you ps3 guys will really love this game. really fun. ea did a pretty good job on its servers too, in all the fights i have fought online...the servers failed me only once (LIVE gives way to EA servers, part of the deal).
anyway, i highly recommend it to you guys.

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The story is too old to be commented.