E3 2011 Press Conferences: Are we excited?

SchollA from writes: Choo Choo All Aboard! Last chance to jump on the hype train!!! The train we come to know as the Superbowl of Gaming- E3.

E3 is upon us and all I got to say is that I’m not as excited anymore as I used to be. Don’t get me wrong I’m still anticipating E3 but just not as excited. Partly because of last years debacle. I felt no one had a strong showing, nah I take that back Nintendo’s conference was pretty good- they did what they had to do (and they might just make it two years in a row). However overall E3 did not deliver. The other part of the equation is I like so many others bought into the hype, (my fault) various sites breaking news left and right about what games will or won’t be shown- Uncharted 3 and who will or won’t show up- Kojima, sounds familiar? I even saw somewhere Sony was going to have a 5hr conference!!! (only to be retracted by another article).

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