Valve Responds to Steam Territory Deactivations

Some consumers who purchased Valve's Orange Box from vendors located outside of their home country -- mainly in an attempt to save on cheaper products -- have recently reported that their otherwise legally-obtained games have since been deactivated by Valve's Steam software for territory violation.

Talking with Shacknews, Valve's Doug Lombardi now says that the Steam software is merely carrying out this function by design.

"Valve uses Steam for territory control to make sure products authorized for use in certain territories are not being distributed and used outside of those territories," said Lombardi.

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gamesR4fun4876d ago

no customer care at all not even a reach around after giving all those fine folks the shaft.

Ashira4876d ago

Another reason not to buy games that uses Steam. Screw you, idiots.

Charlie26884876d ago

Mr Lombardi isn't that F-ING PLAIN RETARDED?

So if the game has and will NEVER release in your territory...lets say...the WHOLE F-ING South America or other countries around the globe..they can go F-CK them selves and play Half life 2 for the 30th time pretending its ALL RIGHT? (or until you get your SH-T straight)


let me rephrase the question Mr. you even like money?

Marcello4876d ago

i just played the Crysis demo and it well and truly pisses over anything steam has to offer

Bibto4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

I can understand why they do it. I've been living in Taiwan for about 2 years now and I got my copy here for NT790, which is about $24 US. My question is: If I move back to my home country, will my copies also be de-activated?

To me, the only advantage of steam was that I could access my games from anywhere in the world. But now it seems that's not even true.

Lumbo4875d ago

Yes, Valve deems it fair that you fcking well rebuy your game whenever you cross a border with your laptop.

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