With Project Cafe Inbound Will Sony And Microsoft CounterPunch At E3

With E3 2011 right around the corner, next gen is apparently about to start courtesy of Nintendo. For weeks now gamers have heard about the Wii 2 code named Project cafe. Cafe is set to be unveiled this year at E3 2011. What can gamers expect to hear from Sony and Microsoft about their next gen consoles?

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DigitalRaptor3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

With NGP coming out soon, there's no way a PS4 is on the cards for Sony's E3.

Similarly, Microsoft has Kinect to promote - I don't think they'd want a new console stealing its thunder.

I think Nintendo have something quite special with Project Cafe!

xxLuckyStrike3401d ago

Surely the xbox3 will support kinect.. and run it a whole lot better

DigitalRaptor3401d ago

At E3, new hardware outshines everything else. They need to forge a path for Kinect before announcing new hardware.

Plus, the people who have put money down on a Kinect + 360 bundle aren't gonna be best pleased when Microsoft brings out a new console so soon that supports next-gen Kinect games, which those people cannot play without the new console.

EliteDave933401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Sony just stated that they arent in a rush with the PS4 so just forget it.

alousow3401d ago

seriiously wii or project fail is not a console its a toy for little kids n fat people, all the hardcore gamers will only checkout what MS n SONY r showing.

maniac763401d ago

come on,e3 is sonys and nintens. ms just have there few exclusives,gow3 and kinect for kids

tweet753401d ago

id say theres a good chance sony and microsoft will at least "hint" at their next home console