Gamersheep: "The Future Revealed" Microsoft Press Conference Preview

Microsoft are having their press conference on Monday, June 6, at 9:30 AM PDT (GMT -7) and apparently the "future will be revealed"

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ThichQuangDuck2876d ago

It simply is not going to happen this early. They cannot announce another console because it would overshadow what they have left for 360. Just because Nintendo is announcing a new console since the Wii was barely supported does not mean Sony and Microsoft have to announce new consoles.

eldeladi2876d ago

If Microsoft feels like beating the competition to market has helped with the 360, then they would work hard to match Nintendo to market.
I have a strange feeling that The next Xbox will be virtually a PC that runs Windows 8 and plays games and that is also upgradable in terms of Ram and HDD.

fr0sty2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

An upgradeable console would be stupid. It's the fact that people don't have to bother with upgrades and such that give consoles their mass appeal. If they want an upgradeable console, they can buy any PC.

Also, Wii isn't exactly barely supported (80 million people disagree with that comment), even if it's third party core game support is weak. It has still made plenty of third party devs plenty of money, and nintendo even more. it's sales are just slowing. Kinect hasn't had much of an effect on 360's sales (PS3 still selling on top worldwide), so I wouldn't put it beyond MS to at least reveal their next console. Remember, we heard about PS3 first in 2005, and it was 1.5 years later that it finally launched. Cafe is still a year out. MS could easily reveal their nextbox and target christmas of next year to try to steal some of nintendo's thunder.

It would explain MS' shift to casual with Kinect, and their lack of AAA core exclusives this year. They're prepping for next gen. Could be wrong, but it's not too far fetched.

kevnb2876d ago

pay attention, microsoft has gears of war 3 this year and a few otherminor releases. This is their strategy, one big release and let third party do the rest. Its working for them, and third party devs are mostly focused on xbox 360 first.

DeadlyFire2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Microsoft has only a few options they could annouce.

One being AMD/OTOY's projected game service. OTOY. Basically OnLive just with X360 controller support and Keyboard+Mouse.

Another being Xbox 3. While possible. Not something that is expected from most. If they do speak on a new Xbox its very likely that there will not be any solid games for it just yet to show off and likely to launch in 2012/2013.

3rd option. Is Xbox + Windows possibility. I believe it might be an option for them to try and accomplish. If they can make Xbox Live inescapable they will try it I bet.

Other option is just the IPTV option they are tagging onto a new pricing tier of Xbox Live.

Either way it involves the future.

jneul2876d ago

lol someone is apparantly behind, sony already declared ps4 is in development you dont think m$ is going to sit there and watch do you seriously??

theonlylolking2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

"They cannot announce another console because it would overshadow what they have left for 360."

First of all the new xbox wont come out this year so that is one reason why it would not overshadow the 360.

Second reason why it will not is because if hot games(like gears 3) are coming out on the current console people are still going to buy it just like god of war 2 on the PS2.

"Just because Nintendo is announcing a new console since the Wii was barely supported does not mean Sony and Microsoft have to announce new consoles."

Sony easily will not announce something but M$ will most likely announce a new console. M$ sees $$$ being potentially lost if they do not show something or release something around the same time.

A upgradeable console will not be like a PC. All games must be required to run on the retail version of the console and it is optional to use the upgrades for better performance.

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eldeladi2876d ago

720 is too far ahead; it's not the 7th generation consoles.
My guess would be on something catchy, How about

itani2876d ago

If that's the new Xbox, it looks like a toilet seat.

Bolts2876d ago

Everyone is anticipating the next Xbox, anything less, nobody cares.

Redgehammer2876d ago

I am not anticipating the nextbox.

RevXM2876d ago

Yeah its too early for the next xbox, they have soooo many games coming for 360 ATM that its impossible that they will announce their 8th gen console and Nintendo can take over the world./S

Why would the next xbox be too far ahead?
360 has become a casual device. Ms need something to sell to Core gamers right?

Would they let Nintendo just have a massive head start and steal their customers?

What have microsoft been doing, been so careful about if it is not their next system?

Yeah totally Lionhead and all MS studios have been working on Kinect tittles all along.
They needed to make a new ultra advanced engine that harldy even runs on a 360 to appeal to casuals!/s

caliman872876d ago

they would consider doing a new console and being backwards compatible...taking care of gears 3

mcstorm2876d ago

I can't see there being a new console being shown at e3 as the 360 is doing fine in terms of sales as well as kinect still selling very well. The ps3 maybe selling better in terms of total number but the two markets MS have USA and UK the ps3 is still lagging behind there. This e3 will be all about core kinect games and gears 3 as well as a dash update and kinect update as we are only seeing alittle bit of what kinect can do at the mo. Plus I would expect MS to give us a game or app we did not expect from them. One thing MS are better at doing than Sony n Nintendo is keeping everything in house until they want to talk about it.

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