A Look At Some Of Sony's "Worst Kept Secrets"

GamerXChange: Sony is notorious for having many of their secrets leaked to the internet days, months or even years before they’re officially announced. From PlayStation Cloud all the way down the PlayStation Vita, we take a short look back at what came out of the wall of Sony’s worst kept secrets.

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shikamaroooo2875d ago

I remember when the images of the PS3 slim leaked months before the slim was even announced

zero_gamer2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

You can also search how many comments people thinking it was a fake. Good times.

liore2875d ago

I'm expecting an overwhaled PSN today

akaFullMetal2875d ago

over whaled? Is that an analogy for bigger psn?

MintBerryCrunch2875d ago

wasnt the psp go leaked waaaay before e3....i think Tretton made some off hand remark about it and made the crowd laugh since everyone knew that it was going to be revealed at that E3

showtimefolks2875d ago

a lot of games would leak and instead they just announced bunch of exclusives before E3

starhawk this year as one and tomorrow a lot more

where will you be watching sony's conference? i am watching on g4 but is it really 5hrs of tv conference?

nightmarex1212875d ago

lold no its only 1.5 hours and the rest is show floor to try out ngp and stuff like that, yeah last year they pretty like show all their cards this year they showed only few starhawk, adrift, and psp hd remakes.

showtimefolks2875d ago

their usual conference times are over 2hrs easy.

and i doubt that because 1.5 hrs not enough to show ps3 games and bring devs on stage while also showing ngp and its games

2.5hrs minimum

nightmarex1212875d ago

Yes i do agree that they need more time but its 1.5 the schedule is already set.
3:30-5pm: Pre-show reception with world renowned DJs and LAs best food trucks including Empanadarama,Yappy Dog, Cheeseball Wagon, Komodo and more.
5-6:30pm: Press Conference
6:30-8pm: Enjoy hands on time with almost all of the press conference content on over 120 PS3 and NGP kiosks. Arcade to include

MintBerryCrunch2875d ago

last years conference was 90 minutes from what i remember...they crammed towards the end tho showing a lot games

ForROME2875d ago

I think the price drop was the worse keep one

Motorola2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Yeah I remember. Shopping sites had the 299 price

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