GameSpot: Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Multiplayer Hands-On, Videos and Screens

The online-shooter category may be dominated these days by the Xbox 360 and, to a lesser extent, the PlayStation 3. But that hasn't stopped Electronic Arts' studio in Vancouver from bringing frantic, large-scale action to the Wii and PSP with the forthcoming Medal of Honor Heroes 2, which is due to hit both platforms in the second week of November. The game supports 32 players in-game across six maps, which are set across a number of World War II-esque strongholds and crater-pocked battlefields. GameSpot went a few rounds online with both versions to see how things are shaping up.

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Snipes204876d ago

I think EA is the first 3rd party dev to really put some quality time into the Wii. A lot of their games have been so-so on the Wii, but this looks great. Also, whoever was playing in these videos sucks.

eleaz144876d ago

"by the Xbox 360 and, TO A LESSER EXTENT, the PlayStation 3."
damn why they have to be so biased they jus could not say "xbox 360 and PLaystation 3".

but no! , they have to bash at every moment

games4fun4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

but putting that aside i hope that the guy playing just sucks and its not a problem with gameplay that the cursor doesn't move so well. In the second vid it seemed like it was hard to control where his player was going and at the same time affecting his aiming.

PS360WII4876d ago

Yea the guy in the vids aint to good. No friend codes either! ^^

As far as the to the lesser extent. That wasn't a pop shot it's true that 360's multiplayer is used more then the PS3's don't take everything so personal.

XxZxX4876d ago

if you want your news to get hot, never put gamespot in their title.

--Onilink--4876d ago

Its certainly not the gameplay, if u read matt cassamasina's blog on ign, he confirms that MOH:H2 actually beats Prime 3 in the control department with an amazing amount of customization.

Its really encourging to see 3rd party titles that are really surprising us with these kind of games. Good job EA

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