Neocrisis: Reviewers and Gamers: A score of 7/10 is NOT Bad

Neocrisis: Dear gamers, I come to you now in a time of enlightenment, to tell you from the bottom of my heart, that you're wrong. Before you click the close button, let me say it again, YOU ARE WRONG. Since when is it bad to get a 7 as a score? Yesterday morning I was watching someone's Infamous 2 review and when I reached the score, I couldn't help but notice the flames coming out of the comments section.

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DrFUD2874d ago

I agree.
A 7/10 isn't bad.
When Gears 3 gets a 7/10 just remember that.

LOGICWINS2874d ago

Don't know y people here think a 7/10 is a bad score. Official Playstation Mag gave Infamous 1 and Yakuza 3 this score and these games are two of the best games on the PS3 IMO.

jazzking20012874d ago

its impossible to always make games that score over 8/10
thats being unrealistic

Shok2874d ago

A 7 is in no way bad. Typically, a 7/10 game is an average game, but when did the term "average" become a negative one? Grade students can make "average" grades and STILL go to college, for instance, and pretty decent ones.

A 7/10 can still be enjoyable to play. I think a lot of people get a 7 mixed up with a 6, which is given to games that are "passable."

LOGICWINS2874d ago

"Grade students can make "average" grades and STILL go to college, for instance, and pretty decent ones."

Yup, heck, Bush Jr. was a C student and he became President lol.

disturbing_flame2874d ago

A 7 is not a bad score when all zines aim at the fact that 7 isn't a bad score. And it is not the case.
So if some games are making now example that 7 isn't that bad, it would be cool to see some other games recieving the same treatment, because a lot of 9 are purely overated.

As the example has been taken with infamous even if i think this game is really great, better than any Gears of war, Halo or Killzone, it would be cool to give even worse notes to games like new Call of Duties (always the same game since years now), Black Ops is about 6/10 for example, but because everybody buy it zines gives it great scores.

There are also a lot of people eating at Mc donald's but it's far from the best food or dish in the world. It's not because it's the most popular that it is the best.

Ninver2873d ago

Off topic:

Don't know about you'all but i'm hyped to see Guerrilla Games new IP.

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