Blu-ray and HD-DVD: Specs vs. Reality

One of the inevitable side effects of the High Definition revolution is that the advanced video and audio technology used in the Blu-ray and HD DVD formats tends to bring out the know-it-all tech geek in home theater fans. Sometimes this can be a great benefit, when knowledgeable users band together to analyze specific technical deficiencies that have occurred and share their feedback with the parties responsible, hopefully leading to improvements in the future.

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XxZxX4876d ago

ok i give up... just kill blu-ray, i'll buy a HD-DVD and won't whine about it.

OOG FunK4876d ago

nice to read something telling us a bit about both techs and not being overly blu ray or hd dvd ty for a thread that actually is good now here comes the psfanboys with their stake and fire to kill this

M3RCUTIO4876d ago

Yeah, the author of that article has some really good pieces about the the two formats. His examination of the Paramount/HD-DVD deal is quite informative.

Close_Second4876d ago

...its unfortunate that it was even required, i.e. we're stuck with two formats. To me its seems as though either will suffice and as soon as ALL movies are released on one of the HD formats is when I'll jump in and get a player.

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The story is too old to be commented.