Nintendo vs. Sega - The 16-Bit Console War - Part I

The current console generation may be next-gen, but in terms of marketing, its quite tame. The term "console war" was coined as a direct result of what took place between the years 1989-1994 when Nintendo and Sega went head to head in the most venomous console war in video gaming history. What caused the direct attacks? What factors caused Nintendo's 16-bit fall from grace and handed Sega the crown for almost three years? How does Sega and Nintendo's history far outstretch that of the modern gaming industry? Join us as we take a look into the history of gaming's oldest blood feud.

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SmokeyMcBear4870d ago

wow this sounds easily similar.. and all it took was one game... street fighter II

Game Crazy4870d ago

I remember playing SFII on the SNES. Everybody and thier mom wanted to borrow that game from me. Heck my best friend stole it from me for 1 weekend so they could get some practice in because I was owning them with Dhalism. I remember Yoga Spear followed with a Yoga Noogie. They jump in I kick them, they move in I slide kick them. Once people learned how to use Guile and Ken/Ryu my dominance came to an end. Both consoles had thier shining moments. But no game got as much playing time and was more responsible for "Nintendo Thumb" than SFII on the SNES. Man those were fun times "wipes the tears from his eyes".

ReBurn4870d ago

I still have my copy of Street Fighter II for my SNES. I dust it off and play it every now and then.

darthv724870d ago

I have told many that this gen you have the 360 being the "genesis" of the next gen consoles with the PS3 playing the SNES role. Both have solid 1st and 2nd party titles and a slew of 3rd party cross plats.

This is gen is the 90's console wars all over again. Especially if you figure the hddvd addon being like the sega cd. It is there and has titles for it (movies) but not everyone has it or will purchase one.

Rooftrellen4870d ago

Similar in a way, I suppose.

However, there are much more differences, now, than their are similarities.

However, as an interesting side note, in on the console wars that gen, though a bystander to the real fighting, the TurboGrafix 16 had a brand spanking new way to hold information known as the "compact disc," but the new way of holding information didn't work so well for it, and it came a distant third. I suppose that could be compared to bluray.

However, back then, 4 consoles were in the race. Sega got out early, but Nintendo won out. The most advanced console wasn't even in the running (the PS3 is way back, but still in it). Nintendo was comming off a time when developers hated them.

Some things, I suppose, never change, though. I don't know about before the video game crash, but this was the second gen after, and it was the second time, in a row, that the weaker console won. It happened with Sega and Nintendo in the handheld market at the same time. The strongest console has never won, in fact! Also, Sony's comments about how the next gen starts when they say, or that people would want to work more to afford a PS3 shine quite brightly when you see how little it took for Nintendo to get arrogant and lose the people for a time, even for a while after the SNES came out (though the SNES would end up doing well, in the end), but it's not unreasonable to assume that Sony could, and already has, started falling to the same kind of arrogance.

Still, there are a lot more differences with what happened then. There are more gamers, everyone has a huge mascot from the start, all of the companies are experianced, and, most importantly, there are many, many more gamers.

Omegasyde4870d ago

Don't blame Sony for ONE mans arrogance.

And I do believe Nintendo will fall back in line with arrogance, but I am surprised they have't taken too many cheap shots at their competitors yet. Well besides the Bimbo vs fat girl commercial.

Rooftrellen4869d ago

I suppose it is true we can't really blame Sony, because, let's face it, before and for a few months after the PS3's release, some of the higher-ups had to be freaking out at the things being said. The whole 60/80 GB PS3 problem seemed to end it though, most likely with threats of firings, if not worse, like being put in a locked room and not let out until the person who said something stupid figured out how to unlock all the power in the Cell.

Ooo, that wouldn't be fun!

However, I haven't seen that commercial, and I can't seem to find it. It's rare to see anything for a video game but that HS commercial ("Vengence has never been so beautiful"), except very recently with Halo everywhere, but when I do, its always one of the "Wii would like to play" commercials. it bad that I can quote at least two commercials? They're brainwashing me, I say!

darthv724869d ago

If we broke it down based on the systems then and now you will see how close this gen is with the 16bit. This will show the sytem then and the closest comparison to this gen system.

Then: Nintendo launched first and had the NES. Sega had a technically superior Master System which launched after.

Now: Sony has the PS2, which launched first. Microsoft had the technically superior Xbox, which launched after.

Then: Sega dropped the Master System to release a new generation Genesis.

Now: Microsoft dropped the Xbox to release a new generation Xbox 360.

Then: Genesis had a year head start on the market and gained much support from the industry and consumers. Nintendo continues to promote the NES while getting ready to release their new system (SNES).

Now: 360 launches a year early and gained support from the industry and consumers (although not in Japan). Sony continues to promote the PS2 while getting ready to launch their new system (PS3)

Then: Nintendo releases a handheld (Gameboy) and juggles support for all 3 formats with the newer SNES having slow consumer acceptance. *Could be attributed to the continued support for the NES instead of focusing on the new gen system*

Now: Sony releases a handheld (PSP) and juggles support for all 3 formats with the newer PS3 having slow consumer acceptance. *Mostly attributed to price and possibly attributed to continued support for the PS2 instead of focusing on the new gen system*

Then: Genesis scores many great exclusive titles and has successful sports lineup from EA. Sports titles played better on Genesis where as they looked better on SNES.

Now: 360 scores many great exclusive titles and has successful sports lineup from EA. Sports titles play better on 360 (reported) where as they look better on the PS3.

Then: Sega and Nintendo take pot shots and low blows at each other in marketing campaigns.

Now: Fanboys take pot shots and low blows at each other in lieu of marketing campaigns.

See how things are the same but also different. We are living in the 90's all over again.

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PS360WII4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Haha that was fun to read. Ah the good old days. Hmm Capcom hasn't changed have they? Though it's hard to hate a company that makes such great games.

Bloodmask4870d ago

I have ever read on this website. So much nostalgia. And you guys are right. Street Fighter 2 was the first of it's kind and awesome on the Snes. I don't think they released it on the Genesis until about 2 years later along with the 6 button controller. I liked the Snes version better but hands down the Segs six-button was easier to play with.

I prefer to use Zangief on SF2 even though I learned him last. He was more balanced in Turbo bc of the fast Spinning Lariat that you couldn't foot sweep.

The Genesis was one of my favorite systems of all times. The Shining Force and Phantasy Star series were awesome. As well as Ghouls N Ghosts and Strider. Too many good games to list. Same goes for the Snes.

ReBurn4870d ago

The Genesis actually got Street Fighter II Champion Edition. The gameplay was good with the 6 button pad, but the graphics were so washed out because of the limited color pallette of the Genesis.

Omegasyde4870d ago

Phantasy Star 1-4 were awesome back in the day and were way better than the final fantasy's in this time period.

It would be nice for a FVII remake, but

A Phantasy Star 1- 4 remake would be f*cking awesome.

darthv724870d ago

I ordered an import of the mega drive game Batman from Sunsoft because it was originally not supposed to be released in the states due to the nintendo licensing lockout. Sunsoft went against nintendo and made a version of their nes game for the mega drive and took some flak for it too. It cost me upwards of $100 from diehard videogames (remember them??)

Then it was announced a few months later that nintendo would disolve the whole licensing issue due to pending antitrust lawsuits. So then wouldnt you know it...sunsoft recarts the game for the US system (the import was 100% english anyway). It is somewhat of a collectors item because of its custom case. I recall having to cut out the inner edges of the genesis cart slot to make it fit.

Good times....good times!

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