GameSpot - X-Men Destiny First Look Preview

GameSpot - Activision gives us an exclusive look at its Silicon Knights developed action-RPG starring the X-Men.

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badjournalism2744d ago

Hopefully this one flops like a dead salmon too, so we can finally be shut of Denis Dyack once and for all.

MidnytRain2744d ago

Hoping a game flops? That doesn't sound like a real gamer. I don't know if you've heard, but good games... are good, lol. I'll be following this. Guess I'll see you and your pessimism there, too. XD

badjournalism2744d ago

This would hurt both Activision *AND* Dyack, so yes. I hope it flops. Of all the studios that have faced closure from a flop, his deserves it the most. If only Pandemic and Silicon Knights could trade places and have Pandemic still making games and his studio closed.

2744d ago
andron2744d ago

I'm a X-men fan, but this game doesn't really look to appealing to me. Hopefully it will be good, but I have doubts from what I have seen so far...

DevilishSix2744d ago

They seem to have made one great game "Eternal Darkness" and since then they have stunk. They hide behind a lawsuit against EPIC for their Unreal Engine, saying it messed up Too Human. Now that we see this new X-men game and they can't hide behind anything, it's clear they are not good developers.