First ever Condemned 2: Bloodshot gameplay footage + Exclusive new impressions

1UP Writes:
"It's easy to draw Manhunt and Condemned comparisons -- disturbingly-violent scenes, sneaking around in the dark, environment kills -- but after spending time with both games recently, we think we've found the line that separates the two. In Manhunt 2, when you see characters running around in skull and pig masks, it's kinky. In Condemned 2, it's Halloween."

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MK_Red4497d ago

I liked the first one but after they said they axed a few too violent/ gory features from new game and have started working with ESRB, I kinda lost interest...

Ru4497d ago

I mean I do Care about adult gamers getting shafted again for the sake of younger esrb ranges but its not going to hinder my excitement for this game...
I need closure .. the first one left me scratchin my head!

PS3 Limps on and on4497d ago (Edited 4497d ago )

slow news day. What's the word of the day? PS3 continues to sell sh*t, and no good exclusives are garanteed. Or yet seen

PS3 Limps on and on4497d ago (Edited 4497d ago )

and less of those disgusting dudes.

Charlie26884497d ago

It looks Deranged, sadistic, bloody, gory, insane, disturbing, scary, and simply F-ING sick

Just like Charlie LOVES it :D

After finishing the first one I cant wait to get my forensic hands bloody again XD

XENOCIDE4497d ago

Very excited about this sequel. The first was probably my favorite 360 launch title.

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The story is too old to be commented.