E3 2011: Hitman – Are Stealth Games Becoming Action Games?


"A few silent steps, a sudden push, and he too was falling over the cliffs, though there was nothing gentle about his descent. Mission accomplished. Time to get paid.

The Hitman series is famous for such levels. The strength of the games were the diversity of missions and the way in which to accomplish the assassinations. Bald-headed hero Agent 47 uses disguises, poison injections, stealth, and creativity with the available items to get the job done.

Hitman Absolution is the next title in the series and will be fully revealed shortly at E3, but there is a difference this time. The developers of IO Interactive want to reach the broader mainstream buyers and the larger profits they can provide."

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gaminoz2695d ago

I think this has to happen...nobody wants to replay sections over and over. It's too frustrating for people these days.

I agree about MGS4. It was a clever move. Hopefully Hitman Absolution will retain a lot of the freedom to choose ways to do the mission that previous games had.

MariaHelFutura2695d ago

Peoples A.D.D. is affecting my gaming......

DaReapa2695d ago

Couldn't have said it better.


I don't think they will change it for popularity, every Hitman game before you could do the run and gun stuff as well as the stealth approach.

I think they'll just add action oriented gameplay possibilities, as more weapons, maybe some hand to hand combat... The only thing I believe they could take a little away is the difficult, if they don't want the game to punish those that don't go stealth, but even that I think it's unlikelly, Hitman never were that hard for you to go shooting everything anyway...

Whatever happens, I believe we'll see tomorrow (I mean day 7, in case today is still day 5 in your region). I don't know if Eidos or Square have a conference for tuesday, but on the ending of the teaser "110706" is highlighted (just as 47, but after).

Proeliator2695d ago

Let's just hope the changes we see employed are creative and adaptive...

... not Splinter Cell: Conviction-tier.

(In all respect, I've been a fan of SC since the very first title. Conviction was in NO WAY a bad game; it was just a bad Splinter Cell game.)

gaminoz2695d ago

I agree with you...but do you think MGS4 got the balance right?

You could choose how you played. Don't know how that would work with Hitman and all the diguises etc. though...

jony_dols2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I loved the way MGS4 gave you the option, and either way it worked well, depending on the players preference for stealth or action.

Splinter Cell Conviction that was a complete mess. I got to the Iraq part and by that point, all my faith in the series had died...

I wouldn't have minded as much if Ubi had pulled off the action properly and turned into a Uncharted or Gears clone, but the game just didn't turn out anyway good. And the 'stealth' segments were a mere shadow of what made the SC series great in the 1st place.
The only good thing to come out of the game was the on-screen prompters which were integrated into the levels....that was ingenious.

soundslike2695d ago

Absolution means being freed from conviction...

I've been calling this for weeks, but people want to pretend like theres no such thing as producers, PR, publishers, and the mainstream audience.

All signs point to a deliberate "conviction"-style reboot of Hitman.

I hope I'm wrong, but I know I'm probably not....

Tony P2695d ago

If it is dumbed-down, us loyal fans can still play hard mode.

Or, here's a thought: devs could tell all the weak sauce complainers to play easy mode instead of redesigning the game just for them.

Lord_Sloth2695d ago

To be fair Metal Gear never required Stealth. It was just made to where you could. I remember playing through MGS with guns just a blazing in every area on my 2nd or 3rd play through just for SnGs.

MGS4 kept true to this formula. If you want to go through it like John Mclane, have at it. If you'd rather be like Snake was portrayed as, you can do that to. Both styles are fun in their own ways.

gaden_malak2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

"Absolution means being freed from conviction... "

No it doesn't. It means redemption from a Priest in penance.

ie; forgiving for your sins.


It's funny that you mention MGS4, because that was exactly how you played old Hitman games.

You could do the stealth way, lurking in shadows, taking out only your objectives, disguising yourself, using the situation in your favor for creative and silent kills... But you could as well get your hands on a nice gun and kill the bastards in front of witness, just to shoot the innocent right after you made them watch...

I remember because every time I failed on my stealth playthrough on any mission, I would proceed to all guns blazing mode and kill everything alive on the map before retrying.

gaden_malak2695d ago

^ I'd do that too. The Ballers were the best.

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Drake_Seraphim2695d ago

I agree, this has to happen. Just think, most of the stealth game's main characters are highly trained professionals. It's only realistic that they be good at close combat/shooting as well. But I also agree that too much blending could elimate the stealth genre all together. I'm just glad they're releasing another Hitman.

BadCircuit2695d ago

I never liked stealth games because I was very bad at them however a mix of stealth and action would be much better for me which is what this game seems to give.

soundslike2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

The stealth in Hitman: Absolution is so hidden, that its the actual stealth mechanic of Hitman: Absolution.

nopunctuation2695d ago

Maybe. Ever since MGS 4 stealth games have been taking that route. I dont think it will be done with Hitman though because that would destroy its core gameplay and its identity. Sure you can blast through everything but then you dont unlock anything good. Hitman expects you to use your head to get through unseen and that to me is pretty badass.

Godem2695d ago

Wish we could go back to Splinter Cell Chaos Theory...

ThichQuangDuck2695d ago

You were rewarded a Bubble for this. Mainstream gamers are changing what games used to be. Hitman appealed to its audience but now needs to expand to get other gamers which as all hardcore fans worry will leave them in the dust: splinter cell double agent, splinter cell conviction, every game wanting to be the new call of duty. I miss the good old days were games were tough and we dealt with it no need for cheat codes, Dowloadable help or Downloadable content released the same day as the game. Being a gamer has changed

Gily2695d ago

@ Godem

You can when the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HD comes out in a few weeks time.

Oh how I miss that 2v2 Mercs Vs Spy action...

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