Microsoft at E3: What to Expect

It's all quiet on the western front and we are less than a day away from the beginning of the biggest event in electronic entertainment. Microsoft has taken their usual spot delivering the first press conference tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m PT. Here's what Xbox gamers can expect for the next year of gaming.

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TheFodi2691d ago

It's ridiculous how people make such a big deal about E3. I'll find out when I found out. Why not just wait and see rather than guess?

frankymv2691d ago

I smell a teaser for the xbox 720

(Do you really think MS will sit around with its thumb up its ass while Nintendo unveils its core oriented console which will be wayyy more powerful thenn the 360, and Sony shows off its NGP which is already said to be more powerful than 360?)

Raven_Nomad2691d ago

Well I tend to think they will show Kinect games and Xbox 360 games. A handheld is no competition for a console. I don't care how powerful it is, they are marketed towards different crowds.

As for Nintendo's "core" console, we don't know anything about it, but one thing Microsoft always has a leg up on against it's competition is XBL. Unless Nintendo announces some sort of competitive online then I don't see their core system attracting very many core players. Friends codes and no lobby's and no voice chat is lame.

Microsoft has sold like 55 + million 360's and it's selling better now then EVER in it's life span. Kinect has sold around 12 million and is the fastest selling electronic device ever. I don't think Microsoft just abandons those things. I do believe they will release the next Xbox next holiday season, but they wont announce it till next E3.

D2K2691d ago

Yes, Microsoft is working on their new console but NO they will not unveil it. Microsoft instead is enhancing the capabilities of the 360 by increasing the amount of data that can be placed on the discs as well as enhancing the capabilities of the Kinect.

It would be disadvantageous to undermine all of that by announcing a new system that won't be ready for at least another 2 two years, maybe 3. Nintendo has been working on Cafe since the Wii came out and we are just hearing about it now. So I don't expect to hear Microsoft or Sony announce their system this year. Although I do expect Microsoft to announce their new system before Sony.

2v12691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Microsoft at E3: What to Expect
Viva Piñata!! 2s

rmoar2691d ago

Man, I would be excited. F the naysayers, Viva Pinata was a fun game.

MRHARDON2691d ago

I never heard of Viva Pinata for a long time....I would like to see a sequal for the game I never played...

nilamo2691d ago

Disapointment and lots of flailing.

kingdoms2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

From the way you troll I'm guessing you'll be disopinted no matter what. I don't think the vast majority of consumers care what a bunch of crazy ps3 fanboys think on some fanatical pro sony site. People are voting with their wallets hence the widening sales gap.

nilamo2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I was pretty excited for this actually, but after all horrible anouncements by microsoft at all the major gaming events this and last year (gamescom, TGS, GDC etc.) and their increased focus on kinect with crappy shovelware, my hype died down considerably. I was hoping they would redeem themselves this E3, but alas.

kingdoms2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Let me see if people even care enough about what Sony is offering to make them troll ps3 e3 articles, not to say fanboys of other consoles are as crazy and disturbed as ps3 fans :)))

Just saying the man child attacks on Microsoft prove a different type of person making up the Sony base. Reminds me of angry antisocial goth manchildren. let me guess all of e3 will have 99 percent ps3 family.s in 369 news complaining and attacking :'(



honestpizza2691d ago

Gotta say that I agree with nilamo on this one. I WAS excited for Kinect until I used it and realized that, despite being incredibly ahead of its time, it is too broken for public consumption and use on a wide spread scale.

gaden_malak2691d ago

"People are voting with their wallets hence the widening sales gap."

What widening sales gap?

The "lead" has shrunk yet again.

FlashXIII2691d ago

It's funny how you assume he's a ps3 fanboy. Did it ever occur to you that maybe he's a former xbox fan? I've been slagging off Microsoft since last year's awful E3 showing from them yet I used to sing their praises back when Gears came out. Only reason I disagree with to expect disappointment is because disappointment implies expectations and I have zero expectations from Microsoft's conference this year.

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