Could the leaks and rumours possibly have spoiled Microsoft’s E3 announcements?

With less than a day to go until Microsoft E3 conference has all of their surprises been undermined by the leak of trademarks, web domains and rumours?

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Surfaced2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

If so, I think Sony's may have been more spoiled. We've been desperately feasting on every piece of info on each exclusive they could possibly reveal, and we already know the real name of the NGP.

At this rate it will be more difficult for Sony to impress us.

life doomer2744d ago

what are you talking about? the only thing that was leaked from sony is ngp's real name.

Surfaced2744d ago

How much time have you spent here in the past week? People have been systematically investigating every last possible exclusive that Sony could potentially reveal tomorrow.

People enjoy these press briefings most when there are massive surprises. We've been killing all the surprises.

Silly gameAr2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

"People enjoy these press briefings most when there are massive surprises. We've been killing all the surprises."

Happens every year, though this time, I think we'll see some big surprises from all 3.

LOGICWINS2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

@Surfaced- Well I'm sure there will be plenty of surprises. A L4D 3 on PS3 announcement would make me happy. So would an HD GTA collection with trophies.

I also expect some Agent gameplay. Its been WAAAAY overdue.

I_find_it_funny2743d ago

@Surfaced, you mistake spoiling for guessing

HardCover2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

"People have been systematically investigating every last possible exclusive that Sony could potentially reveal tomorrow."


speculation and guesswork is always great.

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thrasherv32744d ago

Or Nintendo. I think we know just about all we need to know about their new console. NGP's(or any other handheld) info is nothing compared to the spoil of a brand new console.

Surfaced2744d ago

At least with Cafe, we don't have any solid evidence of what the first wave of games could be. There's just a load of rumors swirling around, ranging from somewhat believable to ridiculous.

DNAbro2744d ago

well we really don't know much about it still. other than rumored specs and a rumored controller. We still don't even know the real name or any of the games!

nintenflo2743d ago


I don't know what you have done wrong but you have got disagrees
coming out of your ears!

Am I missing something?

jukins2744d ago

only thing leaked for sony is the name of ngp. none of rumors i've seen or heard really say anything but a guess. everything else was revealed purposely.

gamingdroid2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I don't know, Sony tends to hemorrhage their E3 event news prior, so this is super quiet in their camp. They are either ultra secret this year or there isn't much to talk about... which is somewhat unlike Sony.

aceitman2743d ago

all i can say is any surprise is good . but what might be a surprise for some may not be a surprise for others . it will be the shockers that will really surprise everyone.anything good is good for all gamers .

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m232744d ago

I think they have some surprises still. Pachter said only 2 or 3 things that he predicted were shown to him last week at MS pre-e3 showing.

femshep2744d ago

i dunno im trying to stay away from e3 videos....predictions are different

thehitman2744d ago

I think Nintendo will steal E3 they had a decent 1 last E3 but if this new console is what the rumors say it to be even w/ Sony STELLAR line up of titles and MS lights and sparks wont take away the presence Nintendo might bring. I haven't been this excited to see what Nintendo has to show at E3 in like 10 years.

trounbyfire2744d ago

nintendo wins for joining the HD gen 5 years late....uh NO.

people always say we know what sony is doing but we now know microsoft BIG plan but the media will act like its a surprise, Sony could show a new XMB, KH3 and more unannounced exclusives and they would be like " do i get a free PS3"

ConstipatedGorilla2743d ago

I know what you mean... for the first time in years, I'm actually excited to see what Nintendo has. Yeah, they're late to the dance, but if the rumored specs are true, it sounds really cool.

Checkmate2744d ago

I think all three will announce their next console. It'll be a huge E3 this year.

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