This Month's RPG Releases: Shop Watch June 2011 by RPG Land

RPG Land's Russ Ritchey lets you know about the RPGs coming to North American game shops in June.

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imoutofthecontest2695d ago

Will be interesting to see the changes in the Dungeon Siege series now that Obsidian and Square Enix are handling it instead of Gas Powered Games.

knifefight2695d ago

Will it? I'm betting on the same hacknslash but with a slightly more contrived story. I mean...Square's quality control hasn't exactly been a group of all-stars lately.

Tony P2695d ago

I've never played a Dungeon Siege before, but I know Obsidian. And they are typically not afraid to defy convention when writing the story for an RPG.

SE should (and I think they do) keep any and all meddling confined to finance and distribution for their Western franchises in general.

Son_Lee2695d ago

Is Record of Agarest War any good?