uDraw Game Tablet for Xbox 360 and PS3 sees an Upgrade - NGLB

THQ has finally unveiled the uDraw game tablet they had previously announced for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The tablet features a number of upgrades over its Wii exclusive predecessor, including input at 2000x1600 resolution, multitouch surfaces for "pinch-and-stretch and rotation features, and built-in tilt sensors to mimic the effect placing the Wii remote in the tablet used to accomplish.

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THC CELL2694d ago

whats the point of this move can be used

Johnny Jiron2694d ago

Quite a big difference with writing/drawing in the air and using a tablet with a fine pointed pen and a surface to work with.

CrimsonSquall2694d ago

Yay, always wanted to use a tablet to draw with my... Sony games? Wtf, lets get real now, this should have been kept on the freakin' Wii

NoobSessions2694d ago

Does anyone know if it can be used for PC? I kinda want a drawing tablet like this for PC, and I might as well buy it for both

SilentNegotiator2694d ago

My thoughts, too. I was thinking of getting a graphics tablet, and I was wondering if this might be able to work with PC software.


Looks like no one (me included) give a crap about it as a gaming device for consoles, but would consider it for a drawing tablet for PC...

How much does drawing tablets cost there anyway? Shouldn't it be cheaper since you don't have to deal with the FUGLY "game"? I know here in Brazil the game would be cheaper, as there isn't many drawing tablet options and the few ones offered are mostly professional stuff on high demand ($$$$$$$$$$...).

Sarobi2694d ago

I've always wanted to get a tablet for my pc since i am a pretty big fan of drawing, but have never gotten around to actually buying one, i'll surely check this out

Bull5hifT2694d ago

I am the bestest most amazingly concieted artist in th world and i now am eagarly awaiting this thing